South Sinai Governor to Extra News: We will be a link of communication with the citizen

Dr. Khaled Mubarak Hussein, Governor of South Sinai, revealed the most prominent files and challenges facing him in South Sinai Governorateand the priorities that will be on the governorate’s table.

He said during his meeting with Extra News satellite channel, on Wednesday evening, that the state’s top priorities are communicating with the citizen, satisfying the citizen, and building the Egyptian person, and certainly the South Sinai Governorate enjoys many resistances with job opportunities.

He added: “The most important thing is to thank the political leadership for the trust they have placed in us. I have a military background, and the military background certainly has an impact on formation, education, and everything. It is our turn elsewhere to provide what we can for the country, in terms of living, education, health, and capabilities.”

He continued: “We will work to be representatives of the political leadership in the governorates and a link of communication between them and the citizen so that we can provide the service in all fields, the most important of which is development, because without development there is no development.”

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