SOWEGAN Soccer Club clinches Eastern Conference

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) – In various parts of South Georgia, a remarkable soccer program has captured the community’s attention. The SOWEGAN Soccer Fighting Turtles, who are just in their second season as an established program, have defied all odds by clinching the Eastern Conference Championship for the first time ever.

“Its a matter of the entire time, doing what they are really passionate about and that’s going out and playing the game to the best of their ability,” said head coach Ricky Zambrano.

This achievement marks a significant milestone for the academy, founded by Josh Duckworth. Together he and Coach Zambrano built the program from scratch just two years ago.

“It also comes back to having players that are there for the right reasons. You don’t join a summer league when your in college and have that be your ultimate goal, winning. When we look at the growth from last year to this year, it’s those very same players that help set the standard last year that’s been built upon. Then you get the leadership from the players that were with us last year and in essence those guys end up being our number one recruits,” added Zambrano.

Sowegan SC
Sowegan SC(WALB)

With the success this season, the Fighting Turtles have not only made headline but also ignited a sense of pride and unity in their community.

“The guys who have been here with us the past two years have been really committed to that, whether it’s personal training with local kids or working the camps or whether it’s just at the conclusion of the game probably the best part about everything, just hanging out with the fans afterwards and being great role models for the kids and the community. That’s what keeps us going out there every Saturday evening when we’re at home, or Wednesday evening when we’re at home and really providing great summer entertainment for the community and help build the sport in the area…”

The SOWEGAN Fighting Turtles are now working for much more than just building the sport, the lay it all on the line in the program’s first playoff game.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to catch a game you still have at least one more opportunity. With clinching the Eastern Conference, they host the first round of the playoffs. The post season kicks off on Saturday, July 12th at the Lee County track and soccer field.

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