Spain coach after Italy’s defeat: No one is better than us

And it’s settled Spanish national team He qualified after his victory, on Thursday evening, over defending champion Italy 1-0 in the second round of Group Two.

After the end of the match, De La Fuente said: “Happy and proud of this distinguished group of players who never stop winning and developing.”

He added: “The players have a great desire to grow, and we have brought happiness not only to the team, but to everyone Spain“.

He continued: “I will never tire, as I mentioned yesterday, of promoting Spanish football. I think we are the best in the world in terms of interpreting different matches, and of course that is reinforced and strengthened when you win titles.”

He added, “But it is important to emphasize the quality of this generation of players, the players who have already joined this team. I believe that the Spanish players are the best in the world.”

And he concluded Spanish national team coach By saying: “As I said, there is no better team than us. I still hold that opinion, but we need to continue working hard and continue playing as we have done so far.”

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