Sudan.. Clashes in El Fasher and conflict over control of the city of Sinja News


exchange Sudanese army AndRapid Support Forces Bombing on sites east and south of El Fasher, the capital of Northern State DarfurWhile there were conflicting reports about the Rapid Support’s control of the city of Sinja, the capital of Sinnar State.

A senior source in the Sudanese army said that the army forces are still in the city of Singa, and are fighting fiercely to expel what he called the Rapid Support Militia that infiltrated some parts of the city, according to the source.

The spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces, Al-Fateh Qarashi, said that the support forces had taken complete control of the city of Singa and the headquarters of the 17th Division of the Sudanese army.

Qureshi stated – in the statement – that the Rapid Support also seized 112 vehicles with full equipment, and 6 tanks.

Meanwhile, the emergency room in Abu Shouk camp for displaced people in Darfur reported that 3 displaced people were killed and 18 wounded in artillery shelling launched by the Rapid Support Forces on the camp located north of the city of El Fasher.

The camp’s emergency room reported that a number of houses were destroyed by the bombing.

In a parallel context, the President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council visited the Army Commander Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan The army’s front lines in combat positions facing the Rapid Support Forces in the Al-Faw area, Gedaref State.

The Sovereignty Council stated that Al-Burhan received a detailed statement regarding military operations and the army’s readiness to repel any attack by the Rapid Support Forces on the city of Sennar, the capital of the state.

Detention of patients and doctors

Humanitarianally, the Sennar Observatory for Human Rights (a volunteer group) said that the Rapid Support Forces are detaining dozens of civilian patients and medical staff as human shields inside Singa Teaching Hospital and preventing them from leaving.

The Observatory confirmed in a report that the Rapid Support is using the hospital as its military center, in clear violation of international humanitarian law and a full-fledged war crime, according to the report.

The Sennar Observatory for Human Rights held the Rapid Support Forces responsible for the safety of all civilians detained inside the Singa City Hospital.

The Observatory also indicated the displacement of thousands of citizens to the south and southwest of the state, after a state of panic, tension and fear struck the city of Singa, with reports confirming that the Rapid Support Forces subjected the fugitives to pulling some families out of vehicles and looting them, and looting mobile phones and money.

Since April 15 last year, Sudan has witnessed a bloody war between the regular armed forces led by Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the Rapid Support Forces led by Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo (Hemeti), followed by a profound humanitarian crisis.

She said United nations Nearly 26 million people in Sudan are facing high levels of “acute food insecurity.”

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