The corona virus upsets the French judo team: “Teddy Riner is not infected”

Rebroadcast to Tokyo? Three weeks before the opening of the Olympic Games in Paris, there was panic in the French men’s judo team, after a case of corona infection caused the training camp that takes place in the south of the country in Montpellier to be shortened by three days.

In a press release it was stated: “Due to a case of corona that affected a participant in the national team during the training camp for the Olympic Games at the sports center in Montpellier, the French Judo Federation made a decision to shorten the preparation.”

For anyone who cares about the best judoka in the world, Teddy Riner, he was seen yesterday in a training match of the French basketball team against Germany and the local association made sure to emphasize: “We are committed to the health of all athletes, Teddy Riner, the Olympic gold medalist, was not in contact with the sick person and he will participate in a press conference For the games”.

The team’s training camp was supposed to end at the end of the week, but following the infection the seven judokas were released to their homes and the union said it would soon announce the continuation of preparations for the start of competitions in the branch on July 27.

As you may recall, at the Tokyo Olympics three years ago, athletes in a number of disciplines had to give up their participation in the games due to infection with the corona virus, which meant that the stands were eventually without an audience.


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Teddy Riner, Photo: Oren Aharoni

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