The crisis is escalating.. Details of the dispute between Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe

The crisis between reality TV stars Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe intensified during this week’s episode of the program the Kardashian’s Which dealt with a major disagreement between them about the way each of them raised their children.

The reason for the disagreement between Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe

The dispute began when Kim Kardashian confronted her sister Khloe with her inappropriate way of speaking, and Kim recalled her sister Khloe’s call to her earlier when she asked her about the possibility of styling the hair of her daughter, Chicago, who is 2 years old. 6 Years ago, Kim felt at the time that Khloe was trying to deliver a veiled message to her about her daughter’s hair not being washed well, and this coincided with the difficult period that Kim was going through with her four children.

For her part, Khloe tried to get over the matter, as her sister Kim has been going through circumstances and pressures recently, but she did not know if she would get over those matters later, hoping that it would not last for a long time.

Kim Kardashian looks like her sister Khloe in this character

It seems that Khloe’s talk did not please Kim at all and did not succeed in calming her down, but rather increased her anger by directing a barrage of attacks at her about the way she raises her children and her isolation, especially since she is an introverted mother and always tries to monitor her two children.

Khloe denounced Kim’s way and her attack on her for being a strict mother who did not overprotect her children, noting that every mother should become what she wants to be, and what increased the tension of the situation was Kim describing her as the isolated character “Brendan Fraser” in the movie ““The Whale”; She prefers to stay at home all the time instead of engaging in public life and attending events.

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