“The Crown of the House”: Sergeant Afik Teri, who was killed in the battles in Gaza, was laid to rest

With great sadness and heartbreaking tears: Sergeant Afik Teri, 19 years old, a fighter in the Nachshon Battalion of the Kafir Brigade, who went to the platoon commanders course and fought in the Gaza Strip, was laid to rest in the military cemetery in his city, Rehovot.

Afik Terry’s funeral, Photography: Yossi Zeliger
Afek Terry’s funeral, Photography: Yossi Zeliger

Abshalom (my father), Afik’s father, found it difficult to eulogize his son and said bitterly: “Afik, my beloved son, we received the hard news on Friday at 4:30 p.m. and since then my pain has only grown and grown. I can’t believe that I have to say goodbye to you, I can’t believe that I standing here and eulogizing you. It’s hard for me to say goodbye to you, my dear son, the crown of the house. Until you enlisted, I did everything, but everything, to take care of you. Even though I was afraid when you enlisted, I didn’t tell you and I didn’t tell my mother. You told me you could take care of yourself I alone believed you. “Dad, look how much ammunition I got and the grenades, I’m going to tear them up, dad. I will come in two and a half weeks. Promise me that you will come and get me and that we will spend Shabbat together.

Afik Teri’s family, Photography: Yossi Zeliger

“Your bravery and dedication, you don’t see much. Apik the hero who can do anything. I had no doubt that if you had to attack the enemy you would do it. Apik Teri never gives up, excels in training and everywhere. He doesn’t run away and he doesn’t give up. I told everyone that you will come back, Of course you will come back.

“Your war is over. Now you can rest. Give us strength I promise I will be strong. Two or three days are hard for me, I never cry, but today is hard for me you are my hero I promise I will be strong. Please watch over us from above and give us strength to stand on The feet in this heavy disaster. Why do we deserve this? Afik, you are the hero of Israel.”

Afek Terry’s funeral, Photography: Yossi Zeliger

Sergeant Teri’s platoon from the military course, which fought together in the Gaza Strip, came across a building that was trapped with many explosives, Hamas terrorists blew up the building while the fighters were there, as a result he was killed. Dolev Haim Malka. Also, 14 soldiers were injured in the incident, including the platoon commander and four soldiers in serious condition.

The brother, Almog: “Dear brother, always with desire and poison in your eyes. I can’t believe that you went like this and I have to bury my brother Hegdo. We were supposed to be together for the rest of our lives. I love you more than anything else. I hope you are well there and that you are in heaven in the best place there is From a young age you were a figure of admiration for me. I will make sure to immortalize you and everyone will remember that you are a hero of Israel. I will take care of mother, father and Agam.

Afik Teri’s funeral at the military cemetery in Rehovot, Photography: Yossi Zeliger

Hamm Agam: “I saw three soldiers and I immediately understood what happened, but it took me a while to digest that my older brother with the strengths, the man who only wanted to protect the country, passed away. I was the only one who didn’t go to visit you when the family came to you because I had soccer practice and you weren’t angry. Today I’m sorry for that. On Wednesday I spoke to you on the phone that I love you and wished me success in football. I want to say thank you for always helping and supporting me. From a young age I used to imitate you and you didn’t know that I admired you and today I admire you much more.”

Afik’s mother, Osherit, read over Afik’s grave the blessings he wrote her for her birthday and then said goodbye to him.

Afik Teri’s funeral at the military cemetery in Rehovot,

The representative of the IDF, Lt. Col. Ran Cohen, eulogized Afik: “We are accompanying you on your last journey, the pain is great and the sorrow is great. You enlisted in the Kafir Brigade in March, despite your injury, you did not give up fighting and did everything to return to fitness. You stood out from everyone, you were determined to be a combat commander. A domineering, sociable fighter with an opinion and always the first to help your friends. You loved the State of Israel. You especially loved the sea and the quiet. You performed your tasks to the best of your ability. Your friends say that they appreciated you and trusted you. We will continue your work in order to restore security to Israel. We will win. The people of Israel will win “.

Afik Teri’s funeral at the military cemetery in Rehovot, Photography: Yossi Zeliger
the funeral today Photography: Yossi Zeliger

Girlfriend Corinne: “I can’t believe I have to eulogize you. What can be said about such a perfect and beloved man? Only I and God know what you were to me. My best friend, my secret man, my first love. You told me that only with me can you reveal your true feelings. I don’t know if anyone will be able to love me the way you did. You know how scared I was that you would go to me but there was no one to talk to so I told you I was behind you and now I regret it.

“You always made sure to make me happy. My Afik, how much you supported me and wanted me to fulfill my dream and pushed me to sing and now I am about to fulfill this dream thanks to you. Here I am, I promise you, that I will not stop immortalizing you no matter what. I know how important it is to you My connection is with your family. I tell you that your mother is my mother, and your father is my father and your brothers are mine. I will never leave them. If I ever get married, I will name my child after you, Afik.”

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