The date of Al-Ahly’s next match against Pharco in the Egyptian League and the broadcast channel

Al-Ahly team, led by Swiss Marcel Kohler, is preparing to play a new match In the Egyptian League In front of Pharco.

It is a match Al-Ahly and Pharco A mission on the Red Genie’s journey to correct his path In the periodic table By winning all his matches to rise to the top of the competition to maintain the local title after the African coronation.

And he works Kohler To correct the mistakes made by its players during the Al-Dakhiliya match to ensure a new victory over Al-Dakhiliya as part of the plan to regain first place in the league table after playing the postponed matches.

The date of Al-Ahly’s next match against Pharco in the Egyptian League

Al-Ahly is preparing to face Pharco, scheduled for 7 p.m. next Friday, at Cairo International Stadium, in the twenty-eighth round of the Egyptian League competition.

Al-Ahly and Pharco’s standings in the league

occupy Al-Ahly Second place with 45 points after playing 19 matches, winning 14 matches, drawing 3 matches and losing 2 matches, its players scored 42 goals and conceded 18 goals.

Pharco occupies fifteenth place League table With 25 points after playing 27 matches, he won 5 matches, tied 10 matches, and lost 12 matches. His players scored 26 goals and conceded 38 goals.

The result of the last appearance of Al-Ahly and Pharco in the league

Al-Ahly defeated Al-Dakhiliya by two goals to one in their last appearance in the league before achieving a legal victory over Al-Ahly Zamalek With two goals without a response, the White Knight refused to participate in the summit match, while Pharco defeated Al-Ittihad of Alexandria with a goal without a response in their last appearance in the competition.

The channel broadcasting the Al-Ahly and Pharco match in the league

On Time Sports channel Al-Ahly and Pharco match In the Egyptian League, it is preceded by an analytical studio that includes a group of Egyptian football stars.

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