The death of Habiba Al-Shamaa.. What happened between the Al-Shorouk girl and the Uber driver Ali

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Thursday, March 14, 2024

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Habiba Al-Shamaa, known in the media as the Sunrise Girl, died today, Thursday, due to the deterioration of her health condition, according to what Mohamed Amin, the victim’s lawyer, told “Masrawy.”

The lawyer said that her death occurred in the hospital a short while ago, after her health condition deteriorated, as she suffered bleeding from her eyes accompanied by a severe brain hemorrhage.

In the following lines, Masrawy monitors the highlights of the incident from its beginning.

The beginning of the incident

Social media pioneers circulated a post by a girl that said, “I am writing this post to tell you what happened to my cousin, because first I want you to pray for her, may God heal her and return her to us safely.. Her condition is still in danger.. Habiba is unconscious and has a brain bleed that will not stop.” Secondly, take care of yourself and your daughters. People remain harmful. May God keep the evil of people away from us.”

The girl mentioned, “Habiba took an Uber from my city and was going to Heliopolis at 6:50. Her mother called her on the phone. They couldn’t hear her well because the sound of the cassette was very loud and the man was fighting on the phone. Habiba asked him to put the cassette in. He told her no and it was. He was slurring his words.. Her mother couldn’t hear what he was saying.. She told her what was wrong with him.. Habiba said to her, “I don’t know what he was talking about and then she stopped.”

The victim’s relative added, “Habibah’s friends called her to see where she had arrived. Someone answered and told them, ‘The owner of this phone fell from the car.’ She started tossing and turning until she hit the cement barrier on the Suez Road. When he asked her, ‘What happened to you?’” she said, “A driver.” Uber wanted to kidnap me and she had convulsions and lost consciousness.”

Arrest of the accused
The Ministry of Interior announced in a statement that it examined the circumstances of what was circulated on social media, which included a woman jumping from a car on the Suez Road in Cairo.

The statement explained that the Shorouk Police Department was notified from one of the hospitals that a woman resident in the First Settlement Police Department had been received with head injuries and a disturbance in the degree of consciousness that could not be interrogated.

The security services were able to arrest the driver, who had criminal information and was residing in Giza Governorate. When he confronted him, he decided that if he had closed the car windows and sprayed perfume, he was surprised by the aforementioned jumping out of the car, so he continued his journey and did not stop for fear of being exposed to harm.

An eyewitness said before the competent prosecution that while he was walking on the Suez Road, he saw the injured woman jumping out of the back door of a car “in which she was traveling” while she was driving. He stopped to help her and she informed him that she was riding in a car “affiliated with one of the smart transportation applications,” and when the car driver tried to confront her, she jumped out of the car. Fearing that he would harass her, she was subsequently transferred to the hospital.

The health condition of Habiba Al-Shamma

The victim’s medical report revealed that she suffered internal bleeding, wounds, and fractures as a result of her fall from the car, and that she has been unconscious since she was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday.

Muhammad Al-Shamaa, Habiba’s uncle, said that the doctors informed the family of the difficult situation and that they were unable to perform a brain operation due to internal bleeding.

Regarding the details of the incident, he said that his niece told the witness that “the driver wanted to shake her, so he brought out a bottle of perfume and said, ‘Bad, scold the girl.’ She was afraid and thought he was giving her a drug, so she threw herself from the car.”

3 words crime detection
Dina Ismail, Habiba Al-Shamaa’s mother, said that she spoke to her daughter on the phone as soon as she got into the car, but she was unable to listen to her well; Because the driver turned up the volume of the radio, she noticed that she heard the driver insulting her daughter, so she asked her to get out of the car because of the driver’s nervousness.

At eight in the evening, the mother received a call from her daughter’s friends who told her that Habiba had been in an accident, so she went directly to Al-Shorouk Hospital. “I found my daughter in the middle of the emergency room on the ground, drowning in blood. Her clothes were intermittent and they were stitching her head up. She was unconscious and out of breath.”

The victim’s mother revealed that she met the witness who saved her daughter, and he told her that her daughter told him three words, “Uber was going to kidnap me,” and then she suffered convulsions and lost consciousness.

The prosecution inquired about the victim’s health condition, in preparation for hearing her statements, but was unable to do so due to her poor condition, which prompted the eyewitness to hear his statements.

Prosecution investigations

The competent prosecution heard the statements of the mother of the girl in the Shorouk incident, Habiba Al-Shamaa, during the investigations.

The girl’s mother said in the investigations that her daughter left in front of her house in Madinaty with a driver from the Uber app, and at about 6:30 p.m. she received a call from her daughter’s phone.

She added that the person informed her that her daughter was injured on the road, and she was taken to the medical center, at Shorouk General Hospital, and was transferred by ambulance to the International Medical Center.

She pointed out that her caller told her in text, “I saw your daughter, Habiba, jumping out of the car and it was white,” adding, “The Uber driver tried to kidnap her, so she jumped out of the car.”

The woman accused the Uber driver of trying to kidnap her daughter, causing her to jump out of the car and injuring her, stressing that her daughter is still in intensive care and cannot be interrogated.


The security services were able to arrest the accused and refer him to the competent court, which issued a decision to renew his detention for 15 days.

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