The departure of Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Sheikh.. A journalistic imprint in confronting extremism and enhancing cultural awareness

The Saudi writer has passed away Mohammed bin Abdul Latif Al Sheikh Who was a prominent figure in the field of media and journalism, as he spent his professional life promoting awareness and combating extremism through his critical and analytical writings.

Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Sheikh, birth and upbringing

Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Sheikh was born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he began his journalistic career at Al-Jazirah newspaper and quickly established himself with his easy and direct style in expressing social and political issues.

Journalist Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Sheikh

The journalistic and literary career of Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Sheikh

Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Sheikh He was known for his deep journalistic vision and courage in confronting extremist ideas and hardline movements. He wrote many articles that addressed the transformations in Saudi society and their effects on culture and social development, which made him an important voice during the period when waves of extremism swept the Arab region.

Literature and poetry

In addition to his journalistic writings, he was Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Sheikh Interested in literature and poetry, he published some of his literary works under his poetic name “Al-Aber”, where he devoted himself to writing popular poetry and literary prose during periods of his life, which added to the diversity of his creativity and expression. He was one of the pioneers of popular literary publishing and chaired the board of directors of “Qatuf” and “Hayat Al-Nas” magazines, contributing to enriching the literary and intellectual culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He also had contributions in the world of lyrical poetry, and Abdul Majeed Abdullah sang for him the song “May God make my beloved happy if he comes to Jeddah.”

Cultural and social contributions of Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Sheikh

Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Sheikh’s cultural contributions were evident in promoting cultural and societal awareness, as he supported public dialogues and discussions on issues in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world in general, thanks to his strong positions and influential writings, leaving a strong imprint in the field of media and journalism.

The departure of Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Sheikh

Muhammad Abdul Latif Al Sheikh passed away on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, after a struggle with illness, following a career full of giving and dedication in the service of journalism and Arab thought, after enriching the media and cultural scene in the Kingdom, leaving behind a rich legacy of articles and ideas that will remain a reference for future generations.

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