The full story of Najwa Karam’s appearance with her husband at her last concert in Romania

Media figure Nishan reposted a video on his Twitter account that brings together the star Najwa Karam And her husband, the businessman Omar, after an announcement Najwa Her marriage was during her concert in Romania, and Nishan had published the video on the day of the concert, June 22, and re-published it again on his account, which caused a number of news sites to circulate the video as her husband’s first appearance.

The video was first posted a week ago but did not receive much attention because she did not announce the marriage until yesterday, Saturday.

The Lebanese artist revived Najwa Karam A successful and full-house concert in Romania. The concert witnessed a large audience presence from the Arab and Romanian communities, and great interaction with her songs that she presented on stage in a different and varied style accompanied by her musical band.

And I got stuck Najwa Karam She wore a white dress to the Romanian ceremony, and confirmed that this dress means a lot to her because it is her wedding dress, indicating her marriage.
Najwa Karam had performed a successful concert at the Mawazine Festival in Morocco at the Nahda Theater, with a huge audience in attendance.

The Lebanese star was presented Najwa Karam Recently, an album titled “Charisma” was released, which included 7 songs, including the song “Play Music”, which was filmed as a video clip with director Dan Haddad. The lyrics were written by Amer Lawand, and the music and arrangement were by Ali Hassoun.

The second song in the album was titled “Charisma”, with lyrics by Alexi Constantine, music by Shab Samer, and distribution by Fadi Gigi. The third song was titled “Ten Minutes”, with lyrics and music by Wissam Al Amir, and distribution by Fadi Gigi.

Najwa Karam’s album included the song “Wani Ashtaqtlu” with lyrics by Amer Lawand, composed and distributed by Ali Hassoun, the song “Bahebak Hob” with lyrics and composition by Evan Nasouh and distributed by Fadi Gigi, and the song “Zaalak Sa’eb” with lyrics by Amer Lawand, composed by Ali Hassoun and distributed by Steve Salama.

As for the seventh song in Najwa Karam’s album, “Charisma,” it was titled “In Love with Myself,” and it was written by Amal Fahd, composed by Wissam Al-Amir, and arranged by Fadi Jiji.

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