The meaning of “talthaza”… Complaints about the difficulty of some parts of the Arabic exam (video)

Male and female students performed High schoolToday, Saturday, is the Arabic language exam, as the first subject added to the total secondary school exams in the academic year 2023/2024.

Students emphasized that the questions included difficult parts, including grammar, reading, and text questions, calling on the Ministry to take them into account during the correction process.

The exam included a question about meaning You’re squirming In the sentence “breasts rejoice at your grace,” which caused confusion among the students, while the answer was a multiple choice and included: “you look forward – you envy – you feel sorry – you regret” and the correct answer was “you envy.”

In response to the difficulty of some parts of the exam, Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education, stressed that the questions are balanced and distinguish between different levels of students, noting that the Ministry has not received any complaints related to the difficulty of the exam.

Electronic cheating groups discussed exam questions after the committee started, while they were able to Ministry Attempts to cheat and photograph the exam by students were monitored, and all legal measures were taken regarding the incidents.

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