The most prominent information about the leader of the Islamic Group, Ayman Ghatmeh, who was assassinated in an Israeli raid in the Bekaa

Lebanese and Arab sources revealed that the leader of the Islamic Group and Hamas movement, Ayman Ghatmeh, was killed in an Israeli raid that targeted his car in the Western Bekaa, eastern Lebanon. The companion who was next to him in the car also died in the same operation.

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Ayman Hashem Al-Ghatma, born in 1968, is from the town of Al-Khayara in the Western Bekaa. He belongs to the Islamic Group, and has a long history in Israeli operations against Israel. Lebanese sources said that Ghatma was targeted during his return from a tour with members of the Al-Fajr forces in the Arqoub axis.

According to Lebanese media sources, Ghatmeh is considered one of the prominent figures in the “Islamic Group” and is responsible for transporting weapons from Syria to the northern Bekaa and the western Bekaa to southern Lebanon.

The Israeli army spokesman, for his part, confirmed the assassination of Ayman Ghatmeh, a leader in Hamas and the Islamic Group in Lebanon, in the aforementioned raid. According to the army statement, Ghatmeh was “attacked during a march in the Bekaa region.” The statement stated that Ghatmeh “was responsible for supplying combat weapons to Hamas and the group.” Islam in Lebanon and the development of armed infrastructure in the region.

The army statement stated that Ghatmeh was assassinated because of his involvement in promoting and implementing plans for armed operations against Israel “during the recent period,” and also his involvement in carrying out operations against the Israeli home front.

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