The price of a gram of gold now in the markets is 3,160 pounds for 21 karat

Starting price Gram of gold In Egypt today, Tuesday, June 25, 2024, the week’s transactions rose slightly, as levels reached 3,160 pounds per gram of… 21 caliber It is the best-selling product in Egypt, with an increase of 10 pounds.

Gold prices now in Egypt:

24 karat records 3610 pounds.

21 caliber records 3160 pounds.

18 karat costs 2710 pounds.

The gold pound is 25,280 pounds.

Gold price forecast

Has risen Global gold price per ounce During today’s trading, it increased by 0.3% to record the highest level at $2332 per ounce. It opened today’s session at the level of $2321 per ounce, and is currently trading at the level of $2329 per ounce.

This comes after it dropped gold price Last Friday, it rose by 1.6%, losing all the gains it recorded over the past week and closing with a decline, according to Gold Billion analysis.

Data on commercial and economic activity in the United States was released last Friday, showing a rise to the highest level in 26 months during June, supported by rising employment rates. This resulted in the rise of the US dollar to record its highest level in 7 weeks, recording an increase for the third week in a row.

The strength of the US dollar forced… gold prices On the decline in addition to the recovery in yields on US government bonds, which reflects that the improvement in the performance data of the industrial sector and the services sector yesterday contributed to reducing market expectations regarding a rate cut this year more than once.

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