The Referees Committee refers Nader Qamar al-Dawla for investigation because of Imam Ashour

I decided Referees Committee The Egyptian Football Association, headed by Vitor Pereira, Investigation with the referee Nader Qamar al-Dawlawho led the Al-Ahly and Farco match in The league Yesterday, arbitration.

The decision came because the referee and his family took memorial photos with him Imam Ashour after Al-Ahly and Pharco matchThis contradicts the instructions of the Referees Committee to the field judges.

And he won Al-Ahly They defeated Pharco by two goals to one in the match that took place between them on Friday at Cairo Stadium, within the framework of the twenty-eighth round of the Egyptian Championship. Egyptian League Excellent, which is the same result of the first round in which the red team won 2/1.

With this victory, he was promoted Al-Ahly His score reached 48 points in second place in the league table, while his score stopped Farco At 25 points, it is in 15th place in the competition table.

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