The security personnel, the victim in the Imam Ashour incident, is requesting compensation of 5 million pounds

The defense of the security personnel of the victim was established in an incident Imam Ashour, Al-Ahly club playerDuring his storming of a commercial mall in Sheikh Zayed, he filed a civil lawsuit for compensation for the damages he sustained as a result of the assault on him before the First Zayed Misdemeanor Court in Giza, registered No. 2684 of 2024, in which he seeks compensation worth 5 million pounds.

Details of the compensation claim

Ali Fayez, the lawyer of the victim’s security officer, said that his client was subjected to brutal beatings, physical abuse, and an assault on a security man while performing his work, in addition to a series of insults, cursing, and displays of force towards his client, and everything was recorded and documented on cameras.

He pointed out that he filed a civil lawsuit in the amount of 5 million pounds as temporary compensation, to preserve rights, especially since we are in a country of law.

Statements of Imam Ashour’s wife to the prosecution

The wife of Imam Ashour, the famous Al-Ahly club player, said in her statements before the Sheikh Zayed Prosecution Office regarding the incident of her husband storming a shopping mall in the Sheikh Zayed area because of his dissatisfaction with her, that she was subjected to verbal harassment inside the cinema from some young men.

The Public Prosecution dismissed it Wife of Al-Ahly club player Emam Ashour From the prosecution offices after hearing her statements, she added that she waited until the end of the show inside the cinema and while leaving, she informed the mall’s administrative security, but she did not find a response so she decided to contact her husband, Imam Ashour, immediately.

Witness statements

The prosecution heard the director of the cinema, the director of administrative security, and a number of security personnel, who denied receiving any complaint or report from him. Imam Ashour’s wife Regarding her exposure to verbal harassment inside the cinema.

Meanwhile, one of the security personnel revealed in his statements to the prosecution that at the same party, while the patrons were leaving the cinema, he witnessed a simple argument between some young people, and when he tried to intervene, he was prevented by both parties.

I had reservations Public Prosecution Surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the incident and inside the cinema were ordered to be unloaded to determine the circumstances of the incident and identify those accused of verbal harassment.

Investigating authorities earlier heard the mall’s security personnel accusing the player of assaulting him.

Abdullah, the security supervisor, told the investigating authorities that while he was stopping at his workplace at seven in the morning, he was surprised by the player Imam Ashour He stopped in his car, accompanied by two cars, from which between 10 and 15 people got out and stormed the mall gate. The security supervisor stopped him, especially since the mall was not working at that time. He did not respond and continued to enter the garage, followed by security personnel.

The security supervisor added that he was trying to understand why the player, Imam Ashour, entered in this manner, saying: “What’s the matter, Captain, there are no open shops at the moment?”, then he surprised him with a barrage of insults and obscene words, saying: “My wife has an altercation and you…”.

The security supervisor continued that when he entered the garage, he stopped him and a verbal altercation occurred between them, so he dropped him The player is Imam Ashour On the ground, he lost consciousness, and it was not known at the time who had beaten him, whether it was only the player or whether others who accompanied him had joined him.

The security supervisor accused the player of beating and insulting him, and submitted to the prosecution a medical report from Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital regarding the injuries he sustained, as he suffered a bruise on his leg.

There was a verbal altercation between the player Imam Ashour And security personnel in a commercial mall in Sheikh Zayed because of his wife’s quarreling, and those present in the mall controlled both sides of the quarrel.

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