The Sudanese army regains control of Sinja, and the fighting forces 55,000 to flee News


An informed source said in Sudanese army He was able to regain control of the headquarters of the 17th Infantry Division, the headquarters of the 67th Brigade, and all the southern and eastern neighborhoods of the capital city of Singa. Sennar State Southeast of the country, while the battles forced more than 55,000 people to flee the city, it was announced international immigration Organization.

The source added that the army took control of Sinja Bridge from both sides, and that large reinforcements arrived to its forces in the city.

The military source confirmed that the forces Fast support It lost hundreds of its members in the fighting that has been taking place since yesterday, Saturday, in the city, pointing out that what he called militias have a presence in the northern neighborhoods of the city, and that their supplies from outside the city have been completely cut off.

According to the source, army fighters carried out air strikes on the Rapid Support Forces’ gatherings in the city.

Sinja is about 60 kilometers from the city of Sennar (the largest city in Sennar State), which recently witnessed an attack by the Rapid Support Forces.

The spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces, Al-Fatih Qureshi, said that the support forces took full control of the city of Sinja on Saturday and the headquarters of the 17th Division of the Sudanese army.

Qureshi stated – in the statement – that the Rapid Support Forces also seized 112 vehicles with full equipment and 6 tanks.

Mass exodus

In turn, the International Organization for Migration announced the displacement of more than 55,000 people from the city of Singa and the surrounding villages, fleeing the violent battles between the army and the Rapid Support Forces.

The organization said in a statement, “Field teams reported that about 55,440 people were displaced from the city of Sinja and neighboring villages, as well as from various locations in the areas of Abu Hajar and Al-Dali in Sennar State due to increasing security concerns.”

She explained that about 50 thousand people were displaced to areas in the state. Gedaref (East), while 5,000 others were displaced to the city of Damazin BBlue Nile (Southeast), and about 440 people were displaced to the city of Al-Jabalain in White Nile State (south).

The statement indicated that “the situation remains tense and unpredictable.”

Witnesses said that the displaced people moved by car and on foot towards the city of Al-Dinder (east of Sennar State) and to the city of Al-Hawata in Gedaref State (east).

In turn, the Al-Sinari Observatory for Human Rights (a volunteer group) said that the Rapid Support Forces are detaining dozens of civilian patients and medical personnel as human shields inside the Sinja Teaching Hospital and preventing them from leaving.

The Observatory confirmed in a report that the Rapid Support Forces are using the hospital as a military center, in a clear violation. for international humanitarian law AndWar crime Fully functional, according to the report.

The Observatory held the Rapid Support Forces responsible for the safety of all civilians detained inside the hospital in the city of Sinja.

Bombing in El Fasher

Meanwhile, the emergency room in Abu Shouk camp for displaced people reported that Darfur Three displaced people were killed and 18 injured in artillery shelling by the Rapid Support Forces on the camp located north of the city of El Fasher.

The camp’s emergency room reported that a number of homes were destroyed due to the bombing.

For his part, the governor of Darfur region accused From me, Arko Minawi The Rapid Support Forces claimed that they were behind the artillery shelling of Abu Shouk camp, while the Rapid Support Forces have not issued a comment yet.

Last Thursday, Manawi said via the X platform that “as part of a series of Rapid Support Forces targeting that are related to war crimes, the therapeutic feeding center in Abu Shouk camp affiliated with the World Food Program was targeted.”

Since May 10, El Fasher has witnessed clashes between the army and the Rapid Support, despite international warnings of battles in the city, which is the center of humanitarian operations for all states of Darfur (west).

Since mid-April 2023, the Sudanese army has been fighting under the leadership of… Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan And the Rapid Support Forces led by Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo (My praise) Battles that left about 15,000 dead and about 8.5 million displaced and refugees, according to United nations.

There have been increasing calls from the United Nations and the international community to spare Sudan a humanitarian disaster that could push millions to… famine Death from food shortages due to fighting that has spread to 12 of the country’s 18 states.

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