The Swiss national team was robbed at the residence hotel one eighth before the Euro 2024 final

German press reports revealed that the performance analysis team of the technical staff was exposed For the Swiss national team The theft from the team’s hotel in Dulsdorf amidst a state of great distress, as a result of the importance of the stolen items that was recently revealed.

According to the newspaper “Bild”, the Swiss national team’s performance analysis team was robbed inside the hotel where they were staying, of 3 laptops and a number of their work screens.

Adrian Arnold, a Swiss Federation official, said: “I can confirm that three laptop computers belonging to Swiss national team employees were stolen from the hotel and were reported to the police,” among the incidents. Euro 2024.

The report explained that the Swiss prefer not to reveal the valuable tactics and game analyzes that were stolen. However, Swiss Federation spokesman Adrian Arnold explained: “The data is not the kind of data that we immediately need for accurate analysis in the tournament. If the attack is on the data of the Swiss national team, it is an attack on the wrong team.”

The report stressed that the hotel’s surveillance cameras recorded at least one suspected perpetrator. The police are looking for him.

“Of course we are cooperating with the responsible police authorities, to whom the images and video were immediately handed over,” Harriet Eversmeier, spokeswoman for the Maritims, told Bild.

occupy Germany national team It is at the top of the first group standings with 7 points, and its qualification to the quarter-finals of Euro 2024 was decided earlier, while the Swiss national team comes in second place with 5 points, accompanying the German machines to the round of sixteen.

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