The two days that will decide: Will Maccabi Tel Aviv resolve the crisis with Eran Zahavi?

Maccabi Tel Aviv faces two dramatic days that will largely determine Eran Zahavi’s future at the club. On Monday morning, the team will fly to Poland for the training camp that awaits them, and at this stage, the disconnection between the champion and its star continues. As I recall, Zahavi returned from his last vacation in Greece at the same time as the official start of training under the new coach Jarko Laztic, and although the striker sent messages that he decided not to retire, Maccabi Tel Aviv did not contact him and did not open negotiations to sign him on a new contract.

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In the eyes of officials at the club and also in the eyes of people around Zahavi, the test will be on the flight to Poland. If within the 48 hours the player and Maccabi Tel Aviv do not agree on a new contract and the disconnection continues, this will show that Zahavi’s chances of continuing with the team will decrease significantly.

Eran Zahavi celebrates the victory of Maccabi Tel Aviv in Haifa
Eran Zehavi | Maor Alxalsi

Meanwhile, Maccabi Tel Aviv’s tactics are not clear. In a summer in which it is difficult to sign quality foreigners, five of the team’s players in the Olympic team and leaders in the dressing room such as Sharan Yeni and Enrik Savorit left, the club’s conduct in the matter of the captain is incomprehensible, although he will be 37 in less than a month, he finished as the player of the season in the Premier League and with 36 goals in all formats. Even players in Maccabi Tel Aviv, who finished four days of training with Laztic, do not understand why the team entered into a crisis against Zahavi and especially why they do not solve this blunder.

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