Tim Hassan’s son stirs controversy by talking about his stepfather.. What did he say?

In a joint interview with his mother Dima Bayaa and his grandmother Maha Al-Masry, on the program “I Have a Question” presented by the media figure Muhammad Qais, Fahd Taim Hassan talked about his future life.

He said that he aspires to be an engineer, and is not inclined to work in the field of art, unlike his parents. If he happens to enter the world of art, he will certainly benefit from his parents’ experience.

Fahd added that he does not resemble his father much, but rather has much of his mother’s passion and nature, and that his brother Ward is closer to his father in terms of nature.

Fahd confirmed that he misses his father, the artist Tim Hassan, as he has not seen him for about two months, and he wished to see his father in a comedic role if he was a director, because he believes that the new generation prefers comedy.

Regarding his relationship with his stepfather, Ahmed Al-Helou, Fahd said that he is like a father to him, and he loves him very much. He added that he hopes that his mother will give birth to a baby girl so that he can be a support for her. He also said that if he gets married, he will name his son Ahmed after his stepfather, and his daughter Dima without hesitation.

Social media users interacted with Fahd’s speech, and among the comments were: “The father is not the one who gives birth, the father is the one who raises”, “May God keep you together, he seems affectionate towards him”… (Fuchsia)

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