Today’s gold prices in Egypt… 21 karat gold opens Friday trading at 3,150 pounds per gram

begin The price of a gram of gold in Egypt Today, Friday, June 28, 2024, today’s transactions are remarkably stable, as it recorded levels of 3,150 pounds per gram of 21 karat, which is the best-selling in Egypt.

gold prices Now in Egypt:
24 karat records 3600 pounds.
21 caliber costs 3150 pounds.
18 karat costs 2700 pounds.
14 karat records 2100 pounds.
The gold pound is 25,200 pounds.

Gold price forecast
The price of an ounce of global gold rose during yesterday’s trading by 0.6% to record its highest level at $2,312 per ounce. It had opened yesterday’s session at $2,298 per ounce, to trade at the time of writing the Gold Billion technical report at $2,311 per ounce.

Speculators are trying to keep prices above $2,300 per ounce for as long as possible, and so far they have succeeded, but negative pressures on the precious metal continue.

The rise in the US dollar levels came with support from the significant decline witnessed by the Japanese yen, which reached its lowest levels since 1986, above the level of 160.00 yen per dollar, which supported the levels of the US dollar, which negatively affected gold.

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