Trump invites Biden to a debate and accuses him of destroying America News

He called the potential candidate for the US Republican Party Donald Trump His Democratic rival Joe Biden He called for a debate between them, after they came close to winning their parties’ nominations for the presidential elections scheduled for next November, and launched a sharp attack on him.

Trump wrote – in a post on his account on his “Truth Social” social networking platform – “I call for debates, anytime and anywhere,” and said that he wants to discuss with Biden issues that are very vital to the United States and the American people.

The former American president used sharp words against the current president, as he wrote on his private platform: “Biden is the enemy… He is destroying our country. Let’s make America great again.”

Trump and Biden once again exchanged accusations coinciding with the release of the results of the “Super Tuesday” primary elections for the two parties. Republican AndDemocrat Which took place in 15 states in addition to the South Pacific province of American Samoa.

The Republican candidate attacked his Democratic rival’s immigration policies, describing him as “the worst president,” while the current president accused his opponent of seeking to destroy American democracy.

The results of the primary elections showed that Trump won in 14 of the 15 American states, as he lost only in the state of Vermont to his rival Nikki Haley, while Biden won in all the states and lost only in the province of Samoa, which means that their nominations by their parties for the presidential elections have become… Almost settled.

After the results were announced, Haley – who was appointed by Trump during his presidency as a US delegate to the United Nations and was governor of South Carolina – announced her withdrawal from the competition within the Republican Party.

While Haley announced that she would not support her competitor to represent the Republican Party in the upcoming presidential elections, Trump urged her supporters to join him, stressing that the Republican Party had become united around him.

According to the latest opinion polls in the United States, Trump would win over Biden by several points if the presidential elections were held now.

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