Urgent.. Saudi meteorology announces a European depression that will hit the Kingdom for 7 days, with snow falling and low temperatures in these areas

The Center of Meteorology and Climate in Saudi Arabia announced the arrival of a polar wave over some different regions in the Kingdom that will be affected by it and may continue for a short period. For this reason, forecasts have been issued about snowfall in the Tabuk region and the continuation of low temperatures as well, in addition to the cold air masses that are felt. Citizens as a result of the areas affected by it.

A European depression hits the Kingdom

A European depression hits the Kingdom

We also mentioned that the National Center of Meteorology published its forecasts about the expected weather condition that will lead to a drop in temperatures as follows:

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Al-Hussaini’s weather forecast in Saudi Arabia

A European depression hits the Kingdom

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Civil defense warnings

Civil Defense issued some important advice that must be adhered to by citizens, especially those residing in areas affected by the weather condition, including:

When does the weather cool down in Saudi Arabia?

The weather is moderate in the period between December and February, but in the summer it rarely rains, as temperatures reach a high of 44 degrees Celsius.

How much does it rain in Jeddah?

The percentage of rainfall in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is only 50% and ranges from medium to light and sometimes becomes intense.

What is the coldest month in Saudi Arabia?

According to meteorology, winter in Saudi Arabia begins in December, and there are many expectations that January is the coldest month, with maximum and minimum temperatures being much lower.

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