Urgent.. Warning of a noticeable drop in temperatures in the Emirates, reaching this number for the first time

The National Center of Meteorology has warned of a sudden drop in temperatures, cold weather, and heavy rain hitting the United Arab Emirates. The weather will be humid at night and partly cloudy in some areas, especially in the northern and eastern regions. Therefore, one should not loosen clothes at night due to rain. The heavy rain that struck the country several days ago.

Low temperatures in the Emirates

Weather in the Emirates

The National Center in the United Arab Emirates explained that the weather will be cloudy in some areas, with the possibility of light rain at first, with a sharp drop in temperatures, with light, then moderate winds that will be dusty at times.

Temperatures will also drop in the northern and eastern regions, and the weather will become humid at night, with a chance for light fog to form over all coastal and inland regions.

Dusty winds

The National Center of Meteorology explained that there will be light then moderate winds with sea activity, and the winds will be dusty and dusty at times, and the winds will be northwesterly and then northeasterly.

The wind speed will range from 15 to 25 kilometers per hour, reaching 40 kilometers per hour, and the waves at the beginning of the day will be moderate and then turbulent, and more than one tide will occur today, Tuesday.

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Tide times in the Emirates

Weather in the Emirates

The first tide occurs at 2:30 pm, and the second tide occurs at 03:05. As for the first low tide, it occurs at 08:12, while the second low tide occurs at 20:46.

As for the sea waves, they are light to moderate and turbulent in the evening, so you must be careful with sea games due to the high sea waves.

Today’s temperatures

If you want to go down, you have to know what the temperatures are and they are as follows:

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How is the weather in Dubai now?

The weather is cold in Dubai now, with strong winds and rain that create dust.

Is there cold in Dubai?

Indeed, yes, although its climate is desert due to the desert belt and the weather in the summer is hot.

When does it get cold in the Emirates?

The weather gets cold in Dubai from December to March.

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