Video: Ahmed Haroun reveals the truth about his love story with Mai Ezz El-Din

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Friday, June 28, 2024

Written by – Moataz Abbas:

Artist Ahmed Haroun revealed the truth about what was said about him entering into a love story with artist Mai Ezz El-Din after the movie “Farah”, saying: “It’s a rumor that I heard… and we are still friends until now.”

The artist Ahmed Haroun was a guest on the “Kalam Al-Nas” program, presented by the journalist Yasmine Ezz and broadcast on the “Mbc Misr” channel, speaking about his relationship with the artist Mai Ezz El-Din, saying: “Mai is a dear sister for whom I have all the respect and appreciation, and she and I are friends until now. Mai is almost everyone.” We talk for two or three days, and I cherish her very much.”

She added: “Mai is very nice to deal with and she is always the one exchanging conversation.”

Farah movie was produced in 2004, written by Baher Al-Mustafa and directed by Akram Farid, starring Ahmed Haroun, Mai Ezz El-Din, Hassan Kamel and the child Nour Ehsan.

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