Vodafone Egypt: Telecommunications services have returned to normal… and we are working to compensate subscribers

Telecommunications, Internet and 4G services have returned to normal on the network Vodafone EgyptHours after services were disrupted in many areas as a result of updates to one of the network components that affected the operation of some 4G mobile services, sources confirmed to Youm7.

The company had clarified earlier today, Tuesday, that all its other services were operating normally. Vodafone Egypt apologized to the users affected by the network failure, and said that it would submit a proposal to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to compensate affected customers as soon as 4G services were fully restored. In appreciation of its customers’ trust and commitment to providing the best services.

Social media users complained about the disruption of communication and Internet services to the Vodafone Egypt network during the past few hours, and users were unable to make or receive calls.

Vodafone Egypt is the largest mobile operator in Egypt in terms of the number of subscribers, with a total of more than 45 million subscribers, and provides fourth generation services to most subscribers.

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority had previously imposed a large fine on Vodafone Egypt, in June 2019, amounting to 10 million pounds, in a first of its kind. As a result of the interruption of communications services for several hours at that time, for a large number of the company’s customers in several regions; This is in implementation of Clause No. 18 in the licenses granted to the company regarding the level of service quality.

The agency also directed companies providing service at that time to compensate affected customers in accordance with the general rules for compensation issued by the agency to companies operating in the Egyptian market to protect the rights of users in the event that services are affected.

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