Watch the summary: Cristiano Ronaldo played a huge game, Portugal defeated Turkey 0:3

The Turkish team was very impressive in its first match in the group stage of Euro 2024 with a big 1:3 over Georgia. Tonight (Saturday), in the same “home” stadium in Dortmund with tens of thousands of Turks in the stands, Vincenzo Montella was punished for his changes in the lineup with the bench of Arda Güler and Kanan Yildiz, in a 3:0 loss to Portugal that ensured the top of the sixth group on the way to the round of 16.

The signal Iduna Park was noisy already from the first second, and in the second minute Cristiano Ronaldo got his first opportunity, which marked the beginning of the pressure of the Selção. In the 21st minute, Bernardo Silva scored the first goal after a nice preparatory action on the left side between Rafael Laao and Nuno Mendes, when the Turkish defense did not move well, and the Manchester City midfielder kicked a sharp ball into Altai Bindir’s net. The lead was doubled eight minutes later with an unfortunate own goal by Samet Ekadin who passed back to his goalkeeper, but it was out of place and the ball rolled into the net.

The second half continued the Portuguese dominance, and in the 56th minute Ronaldo became the king of the Euros of all time, in addition to the fact that he is the top scorer, when Pargan from close range Bruno Fernandez, and the Manchester United midfielder rolled the third into the open net. The rest of the game was sensitive to the protocol, with relaxed exchanges by the two teams and three fans breaking in to take pictures with Ronaldo. It didn’t bother the captain too much, but still without a goal in the Euros, he will try to do it in the final round, or in the round of 16, where Portugal will surely play as early as 1.7 in Frankfurt.

A Turkish fan takes a selfie with Cristiano Ronaldo of the Portugal national team
He took pictures, cooked, celebrated – just didn’t win. Ronaldo | Reuters

the progress of the game

Felix Zweier whistled to start the game at Signal Iduna Park!
The lift from the left side of Silva reached Ronaldo, who kicked a weak ball from the edge of the box into the hands of Bindir
A cross from the right reached Ectorolo who headed Cancelo, but couldn’t find Costa’s frame
The opening with the fast pace calmed down, but the game is under the control of the Portuguese team
0:1 to Portugal! An exchange of passes on the left wing led to a cross by Mendesh, a bad clearance by the Turkish defense until Silva who kicked a sharp ball into the near corner and gave Selção a lead
Another bad clearance by Turkey went to Fernandez who kicked out of the air, but the ball did not find the frame
Bardacji with a yellow card that will not allow him to play against the Czech Republic in the third game of the group stage
0:2 to Portugal! Akeidin passed back to Bindir who was not alert, and the ball rolled slowly into the net in a hapless own goal
Ectorcolo examined Costa closely, and the keeper headed well for a corner
Given a great opportunity inside the box to kick or pass to Ronaldo, Fernandez chose to kick into the sky much to Cristiano’s chagrin
Ronaldo is hungry for a goal – this time the captain broke free on the edge of the box and from the left kicked a high ball that went over the crossbar
Lao received a yellow card after diving near the box
Cuccho tried to surprise Costa with a kick outside the box, Portugal’s goalkeeper was there and collected the ball
Ekadin also received a yellow after the own goal, following a slide at the feet of Lao
Tsilik got a yellow card for arguing with the judge
Palhinia prevented an outburst and joined the long list of yellow-haired people
Half time in Dortmund – 0:2 for Portugal over Turkey on the safe way to the round of 16
Double substitution in Portugal: Laao and Fellaini left, Neto and Neves entered
Substitution at Montella’s as well: Kokcho is out, Yaziji is in
Yazigi tested Costa with a strong kick outside the box, the Portuguese goalkeeper easily caught the ball
0:3 to Portugal! A great deep pass from Dias reached Ronaldo who raced all the way to the Turkish box, ganked Fernandez who rolled in from close range and increased the celebration
Double substitution in Turkey: Yıldız and Yoksok instead of Ektorkolu and Ayhan
Substitution of Martins: Samado instead of Cancelo
Another substitution in Turkey: Golar finally came off the bench, Akgun came out
Last substitution in Turkey: Demirel instead of Akedin
Another substitution in Portugal: Antonio Silva entered instead of Pepe
Martinez’s last substitution: Joao Neves came on for Vitinia
Ruben Nevs tried to surprise with a kick from a distance, the ball went high into the stands
The game in Dortmund is over – a very impressive 0:3 for Portugal over Turkey on the way to the round of 16!

The composition of the groups


Coach: Vincenzo Montella

The game setup


  • 2
    G. Celik

  • 14
    P. Bardakji

  • 4
    S. Ekadin

  • 20
    P. Cadiolo

  • 6
    A. Cuckoo

  • 22
    K. Ihan

  • 10
    God. Chalkhanoylo

  • 25
    J. Ecgon

  • 21
    B. Yilmaz

  • 7
    K. actorcolo

Substitutes bench:

  • 3
    M. Demirel

  • 11
    J. Yaziji

  • 8
    A. Golar

  • 16
    A. Yuksak

  • 19
    K. Yildiz


Coach: Roberto Martinez

The game setup


  • 20
    G. Cancelo

  • 3

  • 4
    R. Dias

  • 19
    N. Mandash

  • 23

  • 6
    G. Pelhinia

  • 8
    B. Fernandez

  • 10
    B. Silva

  • 7
    about. Ronaldo

  • 17
    R. Lao

Substitutes bench:

  • 24
    A. Silva

  • 2
    N. Samdo

  • 18
    R. Nebs

  • 15
    G. Nebs

  • 25
    P. net

In the final round on Wednesday at 22:00, Turkey will meet the Czech Republic and Portugal will play against Georgia. These will also be the final group stage matches in Euro 2024.

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