Welad Rizk 3 received $12 million in revenue, including its cost, a few days after it was released

a statement Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh Chairman of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, about the film’s revenues Sons of Rizk 3He confirmed on his personal page on Facebook that the movie Welad Rizk 3 earned 6 and a half million dollars by selling tickets through 12 foreign and Arab countries in a few days, while he collected 3 million dollars from selling tickets in Egypt, in addition to a contract. Selling Digital for $2 million is approximately $12 million, in addition to the marketing and advertising value of the work.

Turki Al-Sheikh posted a post on Facebook, where he published a table Film revenue In a number of Arab and foreign countries, commenting, “The income as of yesterday in the countries in the table is 6 and a half million dollars, we add 3 million dollars to them, and a little bit of a million dollars from Egypt, and we add 2 million dollars to them, selling digital for 6 months, so the total remains 12 million dollars, the cost of the film in 10 days.” .. From tomorrow we will worry about the increase, and then we will calculate the taxes and cinema deductions and see the net worth. A picture. Greetings to those who say that it is impossible to meet the amounts spent in the film… If you make a strong and difficult film and respect the viewer and feel this, nothing is impossible.

Turki Al-Sheikh
Turki Al-Sheikh

Welad Rizk movie 3– Championship judge Ahmed EzzAmr Youssef, Aser Yassin, Muhammad Mamdouh, Karim Qassem, Ali Sobhi, Sayed Ragab, Muhammad Lotfy, Nisreen Amin, andAsma JalalAhmed Al-Rafei, and guests of honor: Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Fahmy, Razan Maghribi, and Phaedra. The film was written by Salah Juhaini, directed by Tariq Al-Erian, and produced by RAW Entertainment in cooperation with Synergy Films and Film Square, sponsored by Riyadh Season.

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