What is the truth about Rania Youssef’s participation in the movie “Lust of a Body”?

Actress Rania Youssef topped social networking sites after a YouTube channel published a fabricated poster for a movie titled “Lust of a Body” that contained her picture.

Youssef took legal action, filing a complaint against the founder of this channel after publishing the fabricated poster that included an offensive image of the artist.

On the other hand, I got stuck Actors Syndicate Headed by artist Ashraf Zaki, the fabricated image that topped the cover of a movie titled “Lust in the Flesh” said: We will file a report against the channel owner who published the offensive image.

“Seema Majhi” series

Youssef continues filming her new series entitled “Seema Maji”, which is scheduled to be shown during the coming period. The series revolves around a suspenseful social framework about the constant conflict between good and evil and between love and money.

Heroes of the series “Sima Maggie”

The series “Sima Maggie” stars Rania Youssef, Horeya Farghaly, Salah Abdallah, Kamal Abu Raya, Madeleine Tabar, Mohamed Abu Daoud, and Sahar Rami. The work is written by Hassan Dahshan and directed by Tamer El Saadany.

Rania Youssef’s latest works

The artist participated in the series “We Stayed Two”, which was shown in the second half of last Ramadan 2024. The series consists of 15 episodes, starring Rania Youssef, Sherif Mounir, Tamer Farag, and others, and written by Amani Al-Tunisi and directed by Tamer Farag.

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