Who is Arthur Thiat, the first signing of Al-Ittihad Saudi Club? .. and his statistics and numbers

The name of the player Arthur Thiate has topped the search engines during the past few hours, and some people began searching for who is the Belgian player Arthur Thiate, after media sources reported that the management of the Saudi Al-Ittihad Club had concluded a deal to include the Belgian player Arthur Thiate in its team for three seasons during the current summer transfer period. We will learn together in the following lines about the numbers of the Belgian player Arthur.

Who is the player Arthur Thiat Wikipedia

Arthur Thiate is a Belgian footballer who currently plays as a defender for the French club Rennes. Arthur Thiate was born on May 25, 2000, which means he is 24 years old. He has achieved remarkable numbers, which prompted Al-Ittihad to conclude a deal to include him in its ranks.

Belgian player Arthur Theat Biography

Many people are looking for Arthur Thiat’s biography. We will show you Arthur Thiat’s biography:

  • Name: Arthur Thiat.
  • Date of birth: 2000.
  • Age: 24 years.
  • Nationality: Belgian.
  • Height: 185 cm.
  • Weight: 81 kg.
  • Position: Defense.
  • Club: Rennes, France.
  • Player number in the club: 5.
  • Player number in Belgian national team: 3.

Belgian Arthur is the first deal for Al-Ittihad

Al-Ittihad Club is preparing to announce its first summer deals to support its ranks and build a new team led by Italian coach Pioli. According to what was stated by Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, an expert in the transfer market, the Al-Ittihad management has officially completed the transfer deal for Belgian player Arthur Thiat for 18 million euros. The journalist, who works for the Sky Post network, revealed that Arthur has undergone a medical examination in preparation for his transfer to Al-Ittihad Club.

Arthur Thet player statistics

We will show you Arthur Thiat’s distinguished numbers that prompted Al-Ittihad Club to conclude a deal for him to join its team. These numbers and statistics are as follows:

  • Arthur played 82 matches for the French club Rennes and scored 9 goals.
  • He has not received a red card since joining Rennes in 2022.
  • The player has a passing rate of 89%, which means he is able to get the ball out from the back.
  • The Belgian player’s rating with Rennes reached 7 out of 10 in most of Rennes’ matches.

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