Who is Lieutenant General Ahmed Khalifa, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces?

06:23 PM

Wednesday 03 July 2024

Written by – Mohamed Sami:

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi issued a decision appointing Lieutenant General Ahmed Fathi Ibrahim Khalifa as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.

The CV of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces is as follows:

Name: Ahmed Fathy Ibrahim Khalifa

Weapon: Artillery

Rank: Team

Date of Birth: 10/17/1966

Graduated from the Military College in 1987

Batch 80 War

Military qualification:

Bachelor of Military Science from the Military College.

Obtained all the necessary artillery distinctions.

He holds a Master’s degree in Military Science from the Command and Staff College.

Fellow of the War College of the Military Academy for Advanced Studies and Strategy.

He held all the leadership positions in the artillery corps until he was appointed Assistant Director of Artillery, then Director of the Artillery Institute, then Director of the Moral Affairs Department, then Head of the Organization and Administration Authority of the Armed Forces, then Head of the Operations Authority of the Armed Forces, then Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense.

He received a number of badges and medals, including the First Class Duty Medal, the Excellent Service Medal, the Sinai Comprehensive Operation Medal, the January 25 Medal, the June 30 Medal, the Artillery Corps Golden Jubilee Medal, the October 1973 Victory Golden Jubilee Medal, the Long Service and Good Example Medal, the Revolution Golden Jubilee Medal, the Sinai Liberation Silver Jubilee Medal, and the October 1973 Victory Silver Jubilee Medal.

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