Why did Assala apologize to the audience at the “Laylat Warda” concert?

11:13 PM

Thursday, July 04, 2024

Written by: Mona El-Mougy

Singer Assala apologized to her fans after she finished performing her second song at the “Laylat Warda” concert held at the Abbadi Al-Johar Arena in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, today, Thursday, July 4.

Assala performed the song “Fi Yom Wa Leila” and then the song “Awqati Bethelou”, and after she finished the second song, she said “The greatest date in my life that I have memorized is Warda’s date, but excuse me”, due to her nervousness while performing the two songs, stressing that Warda’s songs and date are very intimidating “I apologize to her loved ones and I apologize to you Maestro and I will get back to you in a little while”.

Assala talked about her relationship with the late Algerian star Warda, after she finished performing a song in a day and a night as part of her segment in the “Warda’s Night” concert, and she said, “I was the daughter of this great lady, she was my mother and I call her my mother from the bottom of my heart, when I got to know her, I thought that there were many like her but with the passage of time I realized that she was alone in art, because there is no talent that makes a great artist, what immortalizes an artist is a group of things love, passion, loyalty, work and tenderness, a group of details that all came together in a person who was able to be immortal like Mrs. Warda, may God have mercy on Warda.”

She greeted Warda Al-Jazairia’s son, who was present among the audience, and her friend, the great artist Nabila Obeid, who stood up to greet her back and applaud her.

MBC Egypt will broadcast the concert live, with the participation of the stars: Nancy Ajram, Assala, Reham Abdel Hakim, and Abeer Nehme, as part of the Jeddah Season concerts sponsored by the General Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

During the concert, the stars Nancy Ajram, Assala, Reham Abdel Hakim and Abeer Nehme will present a selection of the most prominent works of the great artist Warda, and the musical band will be led by Maestro Walid Fayed.

In statements to the Et Bel Arabi program, Walid said: “Mrs. Warda is like a mother to me. I was raised in her house, and I was honored to have composed 3 works for her. For me, she represents many things: a teacher, history, and a voice that has not been matched to this day.”

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