Youssef Zidane’s resignation…and tweeters celebrate the termination of a training contract News


“The Foundation is back again”formationAl-Masry Al-Masry Al-Youm is at the forefront of events on social media platforms, but this time with the resignation of its secretariat board member Youssef Zidan, who announced his resignation on his Facebook page.

Zidane, who was famous years ago for writing a controversial novel called “Azazel” and followed it with other controversies related to what some considered to be a skepticism of the Prophet’s Sunnah and religious constants, revealed his resignation through a post on social media in which he said, “I inform you that after suffering and long thought, I have decided to leave the institution.” “Takween” and resigning from its Board of Trustees, and avoiding any activities or events related to it…”

With Zidane announcing his resignation from the “Takween” Foundation, which said that it aimed to raise questions about intellectual postulates, a state of sarcasm prevailed among the pioneers of the virtual world, with the beginning of the disintegration of the group founding “Takween,” which, since its inception, had raised discomfort among a large number of activists and the audience of the platforms. communication.

But the most common question on social media platforms is why Dr. Youssef Zeidan resigned from “Takween” when he had previously written that “Takween will continue… no matter how much those who oppose awareness, understanding, and enlightenment mobilize against it, and those who benefit from the deterioration of the general intellectual level in our country,” as he put it. .

It seems that the internal disputes between the founders of the Takween Center began some time ago, especially after news spread about a debate between Islam Al-Behairi, one of the founders, and Al-Azhari researcher Abdullah Rushdi, a debate that Zidane was opposed to, according to a post he had previously written.

Some believed at the time that Zidane feared that Al-Behairi would lose the debate, similar to what happened in a similar debate that took place years ago, especially since Zidane had previously expressed a negative opinion of his partner in creating Islam Al-Behairi and described him as ignorant.

It was noteworthy that Dr. Abdullah Rushdi participated among those who commented on the news of Zidane’s resignation from Takween, where he wrote: “Dr. Youssef Zidane, the chief of Al-Kawaina, resigned following what we published about every member of the Board of Trustees of this organization.” Rushdi continues in his blog post: The issue for me is not people. Rather, it is a crooked approach whose owners want to shake your faith in everything Islamic.

Rushdie had begun an anti-Takween campaign, which he began by presenting the positions of the founders of this center, telling his fans on social media that he wanted to reveal to them the truth about these people and their previous ideas before he began responding to Takween’s theses.

One of the bloggers commented on Zidane’s resignation sarcastically, “The best thing you did… is an institution that brings together all suspicious personalities. It certainly would not have had any success or interest… Stay in writing… Writing is nice.”

Others pointed out that Youssef Zidane decided to withdraw from Takween after he realized that it was a failed project that would not succeed and see the light, especially since the internal conflicts within it began to emerge publicly, so he wanted to jump off the boat before it sank, under the pretext of devoting himself to writing.

Commenting on Zidane’s resignation, researcher Abdul Rahman Al-Sulaiman wrote, “The wise people say: (The endings of matters depend on their beginnings). It was the beginning of an organization #formation Suspicious because it brought together characters who lack scientific integrity and morals! Our Arab societies need to be enlightened with science, knowledge, ethics, and disciplined openness. This enlightenment has men and women, none of whom I saw among a group #formation!

Another commentator said that any suspicious institution that wants to question the constants and sanctities of the nation and break them up, like Genesis, will expose its goals and destroy them with the passage of time, as he put it.

In turn, the Takween Center commented on Zidane’s resignation by saying that the “Takween Arab Thought” Foundation extends its sincere thanks and gratitude to the great thinker Dr. Youssef Zidane, and the “Takween” Foundation respects the doctor’s decision to step down and resign from its Board of Trustees, especially in light of the pressures he has been exposed to in the recent period. And the number of attacks that affected him and the institution.

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