Zahrat Al Khaleej – Lujain Omran reveals the amount of her wealth and confirms its source… 20 years of media work

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The Saudi media personality, Loujain Omran, revealed that her wealth does not exceed three and a half million dollars. She explained in her Ramadan television interview with the media personality Asma Ibrahim on the program “Subtle Ink” that she accumulated it during 20 years of media work, in addition to her work in the field of real estate.

  • Lujain Omran reveals the amount of her wealth and confirms its source: 20 years of media work
    Lujain Omran reveals the amount of her wealth and confirms its source: 20 years of media work

During the interview, Loujain refused to reveal the identity of her husband, stressing that they agreed that he should keep a low profile in the media out of respect for their common desire to protect their private lives, in addition to her fear that the relationship between them would lead to divorce due to displaying the lives of celebrities on “social media” platforms.

Loujain confirmed that she received several advice from close people she trusts not to display her private life on social networking sites, in order to preserve her marriage, contenting herself with saying that her husband is Emirati.

In response to the video that spread of her dancing at a wedding, which led to her being subjected to much criticism from the public, she said: “I was at a women’s party in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and it is known that photography at such parties is prohibited, which is a common thing at such parties.” I danced at the bride’s request, and I asked her aunt, who is my friend, to make sure not to film, but I was surprised by the spread of the video after one of the attendees filmed.”

She added: “God does not forgive those who posted the video on social media, and God suffices me, and He is the best disposer of affairs for whomever I filmed the video, and I was very upset because for the first time I am going through this situation.”

  • Lujain Omran and Asma Ibrahim
    Lujain Omran and Asma Ibrahim

Regarding her accusation of causing the divorce of her sister, Aseel Omran, from the Bahraini artist Khaled Al-Shaer, Loujain denied this, stressing that Aseel could not be influenced for any reason, and that if she had had the power to influence her, she would not have gotten married in the first place, because she was against this marriage from the beginning. For this reason, she missed the wedding ceremony.

She said: “I was the only one in the family who rejected this marriage, because I saw things that no one else saw, and I was not surprised when the divorce took place, because she told her family and Aseel the reason that prompted her husband to marry her, but the answer was that Aseel loved him.”

Regarding the story of her kidnapping while she was in Morocco, Loujain said that she did not mean to cause confusion on social networking sites, but rather she was commenting in a comic way on a situation she went through, accusing some people of exaggerating the situation and exaggerating the matter. She also refused to respond to some negative comments that she considered unimportant. .

Regarding her opinion of the media community, she said: “Unfortunately, the artistic and media communities in general suffer from the presence of paralysis and gangs among friends, where selection is not always based on talent and professionalism, as much as selection is based on relationship and connection, and this is something that contributes to the low level of achievement.” The success rate in any business is based on connections and connections.

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