Zain invites League of Legends fans and players to try its Arabic version

Zain Jordan, through its e-sports center (Zain Esports Jo), invited fans and enthusiasts of electronic games to attend the event of launching the official servers of the game “League of Legends” in its Arabized version in the Middle East and North Africa region, by “Riot Games”, to present… For players in the region, they will have an optimal and distinctive gaming experience through reduced latency (PING), with a redesigned user interface, audio, and characters in Arabic.

The event will be held next Friday and Saturday, June 28 and 29, at “The ARC” in the King Hussein Business Park at 3 p.m., in the presence of a number of Jordanian electronic game players and professionals and a group of journalists and content creators. The event will include live performances and an opportunity to try the Arabized version of the game. The game will be played for the first time, and gifts will be distributed to attendees provided by Riot Games.

Zain’s sponsorship of this distinguished event, which is awaited by e-sports players in the Middle East and North Africa region, comes within its strategy to strengthen the infrastructure and develop the e-sports sector in the Kingdom, support talented people and gaming and e-sports professionals, and contribute to meeting their needs. It also comes within the framework of a series of initiatives and events held by the Center. Zain Esports Jo (Zain Esports Jo) every year, to contribute to strengthening Jordan’s position as a regional center for the manufacture and development of electronic games in the region, and to enhance Jordan’s competitiveness and highlight the talents of its youth in this field.

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