Zamalek spokesman: We will not play the summit match tomorrow against Al-Ahly club

08:30 PM

Monday, June 24, 2024

Books – Dalia Al-Dhanini:

Ahmed Salem, spokesman for the Zamalek club, said that a statement will be issued by the Zamalek club in a few minutes, continuing, “We affirm our demands from the Al-Masry match, which have not been implemented yet, and the board of directors decided not to play the summit match against Al-Ahly tomorrow.”

He added, during a telephone conversation with journalist Ahmed Moussa on the “On My Responsibility” program broadcast on “Sada El Balad” channel, that today’s session with the Minister of Youth and Sports, in the presence of the President of the Clubs Association; The second session is considered a way of negotiating the possibility of playing against Al-Ahly club in the summit match tomorrow.

Ahmed Salem continued: Zamalek will not play the summit match tomorrow against Al-Ahly club, and this has been the unanimous position of the Board of Directors since the first day, and we will announce at the next Board of Directors meeting; The first team’s position on playing the other remaining matches in the Premier League competition.

The Zamalek team is scheduled to meet its Al-Ahly counterpart tomorrow evening, Tuesday, in the 27th round of the league.

Before the match, the Zamalek team occupies tenth place in the standings with 34 points, while Al-Ahly occupies second place with 42 points.

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