Zamalek transfers $1 million to Boutaib’s account to end African license crisis

Moroccan press reports revealed that the club’s management Zamalek I have reached a solution to the Moroccan crisis. Khaled Boutaib The former team striker, during the past hours, in order to solve the crisis of obtaining the African license in preparation for participating in the championship Confederation In its next version.

The Moroccan website Le360 Sport confirmed that Zamalek Club reached an agreement with Boutaib, noting that it transferred one million dollars into the Moroccan striker’s account, stressing that the rest of the amount will be divided into installments over a period of six months.

Zamalek is facing a major crisis due to not obtaining the African license from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) due to the debts imposed on it, which led to the suspension of registration.

It is noteworthy that Zamalek had announced receiving a letter from the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), confirming the suspension of registration until the payment of the dues of the Moroccan player Khalid Boutaib, estimated at 2.4 million euros.

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