1 for Maccabi Tel Aviv over Maccabi Haifa

The outstanding actor

Roi Mishfati, grade: 8
Took countless highballs and helped Maccabi Tel Aviv win

The disappointing player

Abdulai Sak, score: 3
The Maccabi Haifa stopper would rather forget the game, he made all the possible mistakes

Maccabi Tel Aviv touches the championship. In Kiryat Shalom, they can already begin to prepare the celebrations for the return of the title after three years in which it went to Carmel after Robbie Keen’s team recorded a small-giant 0:1 against Maccabi Haifa this evening (Saturday) in Sami Ofer, who increased the gap from the Greens in second place to eight points, this with remaining Only three more cycles until the end of the season.

Three points are three points, no matter how the winning team took them. With this mantra, Maccabi Tel Aviv came to Sami Ofer. She wanted to win at any cost, she wanted to increase the gap and put a stamp on a season of ups and downs, and she did it. Some will say it was defensive football and some will say efficient, but the bottom line is three points that widen the gap.

Robbie Keane went to Sami Ofer with a huge load on his back. The 1:1 against Bnei Sakhnin in the last round determined that Maccabi Haifa won this season’s game and the gap drops to only two points, all while one of its best players this season, and some would say the best, Milson, is not in the squad due to the red card he received in the last round and Yoris Van Overeem is out of the squad.

Robbie Keane (Radad Jabara)Robbie Keane (Radad Jabara)
Roi Mishfati and Eran Zahavi, the two great heroes of the evening (Radad Jabara)Roi Mishfati and Eran Zahavi, the two great heroes of the evening (Radad Jabara)

The Irish coach was up to the task. He placed the players that were available to him in the right way, reacted to the game as he should and came out with a victory that would bring him the championship in his first season on the lines of any team. Maccabi Tel Aviv was looking for a seal for this season, a victory that the incoming champion would say here, and she got it in her last chance and on the opponent’s field for the title.

The opening was completely green. The crowd at Sami Ofer pushed their players forward and Maccabi Haifa came away with many opportunities in the first 25 minutes. But then came the turning point. Eran Zahavi squeezed a foul from Abdulai Sek inside the box, went to the penalty and gave the yellows a 0:1 lead in the 27th minute against the course of the game. The goal seemed to hurt the spirit of the greens, who failed to be dangerous in the next 15 minutes, when Zahavi was close to scoring his second in a yellow burst attack.

At the start of the second half, Sami Ofer was already in the clouds, when Dean David scored a great goal from the air with his heel, but the VAR disallowed the goal with a justified claim to the difference. Seven minutes passed and once again the screen judges changed Reinschreiber’s decision and this time too it was in favor of Maccabi Tel Aviv. Roy Rabivo was fouled in the box and the referee pointed to the penalty spot after the intervention of the VAR. This time Eran Zahavi kicked badly and Sharif Kiof managed to repel.

The yellow celebrations at the end (Radad Jabara)The yellow celebrations at the end (Radad Jabara)
Maccabi Tel Aviv players do not know their soul on the way to the championship (Radad Jabara)Maccabi Tel Aviv players do not know their soul on the way to the championship (Radad Jabara)

Although they needed two more goals, Maccabi Haifa was not able to come up with many threats, while Maccabi Tel Aviv liked that the game was played at ease and the championship is starting to wander towards Bloomfield. A ball that hit the crossbar after a strike by Gadi Kinda in the 90th minute, set the seal for a 0:1 yellow victory.

The three points increased the gap at the top to eight points, with three games remaining until the end of the season. The Yellows will host Hapoel Be’er Sheva in the next round and will be able to celebrate a championship in Bloomfield. The Greens, on the other hand, can be proud that they returned to the fight again when no one gave them a chance, but are disappointed that they already started better, when a victory would have reduced the difference to only two.

second half

Mitch Goldhar in a moment of happiness with his team (Radad Jabara)Mitch Goldhar in a moment of happiness with his team (Radad Jabara)
Eran Zahavi at the center of the exciting celebrations (Radad Jabara)Eran Zahavi at the center of the exciting celebrations (Radad Jabara)
Maccabi Tel Aviv players break up with happiness (Radad Jabara)Maccabi Tel Aviv players break up with happiness (Radad Jabara)
Maccabi Haifa players are disappointed (Omari Stein)Maccabi Haifa players are disappointed (Omari Stein)
  • ’90+7
  • Judge's decision
  • The referee whistled to end the fight! Maccabi Tel Aviv beat Maccabi Haifa 0:1 in this season’s game
  • ’90+6
  • yellow card
  • A yellow card for Mahmoud Jaber as well
Gadi Kinda in front of Gabi Kanikovski (Omari Stein)Gadi Kinda in front of Gabi Kanikovski (Omari Stein)
  • ’90
  • acidification
  • It was close to the equalizer! Gedi Kinda hit a ball that was stopped only by the crossbar
Giving Lataxa a shot (Radad Jabara)Giving Lataxa a shot (Radad Jabara)
Dean David vs. Raz Shlomo (Radad Jabara)Dean David vs. Raz Shlomo (Radad Jabara)
  • ’84
  • yellow card
  • Idan Nahmias also entered the referee’s register with a yellow card
  • ’80
  • spare
  • Enrique Saborit was injured and had to come off the pitch, Derrick Lucassen came up to play in his place
Masai Dago (Omari Stein)Masai Dago (Omari Stein)
  • ’77
  • spare
  • Halaili, who did not record a good game, was also replaced by Kenny Seif
  • ’77
  • spare
  • Dago tried to save the game with another double substitution. Maor Kandil replaced Ali Muhammad
Roi Mishfati (Radad Jabara)Roi Mishfati (Radad Jabara)
  • ’72
  • yellow card
  • Yellow card for Gedi Kinda after committing a foul on Turgeman
  • ’71
  • spare
  • Idan Nahmias entered in the place of Ofir Davidzadeh
Ilai Hajj (Omari Stein)Ilai Hajj (Omari Stein)
  • ’67
  • spare
  • Ilai Hajaj entered, Lorenzo Shimich left
  • ’67
  • spare
  • Dego also made a double substitution, Lior Rafalov was replaced by Gadi Kinda
Robbie Keane and Masai Dago (Radad Jabara)Robbie Keane and Masai Dago (Radad Jabara)
  • ’66
  • spare
  • Joris Van Overeem also came in for Dan Beaton
  • ’66
  • spare
  • Robbie Keane made a double substitution. Eran Zahavi, who dislocated his shoulder and yet continued to play, was eventually replaced by Dor Turgeman
Lior Rafalov (Omari Stein)Lior Rafalov (Omari Stein)
  • ’65
  • acidification
  • Jaber put a good ball in to Rafaelov who turned around in the area and kicked, the ball went over the goal
Frustrated Eran Zahavi (Radad Jabara)Frustrated Eran Zahavi (Radad Jabara)
Sheriff Kiuf arrests Eran Zahavi (Omari Stein)Sheriff Kiuf arrests Eran Zahavi (Omari Stein)
  • ’54
  • You missed a penalty
  • Sheriff Kioff managed to stop! A bad kick by Eran Zahavi did not make it difficult for the goalkeeper, who kept the greens in the game
  • ’52
  • Judge's decision
  • Roy Rabivo was brought down by Shimich in the box, but the referee signaled to continue playing. The VAR team called Reinschreiber to change the decision and award a penalty to Maccabi Tel Aviv
Dean David Hogge (Omari Stein)Dean David Hogge (Omari Stein)
Dean David's wrong goal (Omari Stein)Dean David’s wrong goal (Omari Stein)
  • ’47
  • Judge's decision
  • The crowd at Sami Ofer jumped for joy after a huge goal by Dean David with the heel, but the VAR rightly disallowed the goal due to a different heel
Franzi Piero receives treatment (Omari Stein)Franzi Piero receives treatment (Omari Stein)
  • ’46
  • yellow card
  • Ten seconds passed from the start of the second half and Roy Rabivo received a yellow card for a tackle on Franzi Piero, who again had to receive treatment

first half

  • ’45+4
  • acidification
  • After weak minutes, the greens increased their pace near the end of the half and reached the opportunity. Rafalov’s shot went over the goal
Daniel Sondgren replaced (Omari Stein)Daniel Sondgren replaced (Omari Stein)
  • ’42
  • spare
  • Forced substitution at Maccabi Haifa. Daniel Sondgren was injured and could not continue, Eli Feingold took his place
Franzi Piero (Omari Stein)Franzi Piero (Omari Stein)
  • ’39
  • injury
  • Franzi Piero was hit in a fight with Aden Kartsev and came off the pitch to receive treatment, but eventually returned to play
Eran Zahavi in ​​front of Sharif Kiuf (Omari Stein)Eran Zahavi in ​​front of Sharif Kiuf (Omari Stein)
Dan Beaton vs. Ali Muhammad (Omari Stein)Dan Beaton vs. Ali Muhammad (Omari Stein)
  • ’36
  • acidification
  • It wasn’t far at all from Eran Zahavi’s second goal. A great attack by the yellows ended with Davidzada going wide, Zahavi unsuccessfully tried to push from close range
  • ’31
  • acidification
  • Sek collected the ball into the area, Rafalov managed to hit, but it was not strong enough to subdue the lips
Maccabi Tel Aviv and Maccabi Haifa players with Roy Reinschreiber (Emri Stein)Maccabi Tel Aviv and Maccabi Haifa players with Roy Reinschreiber (Emri Stein)
Eren Zahavi with Maccabi Haifa players (Emri Stein)Eren Zahavi with Maccabi Haifa players (Emri Stein)
  • ’28
  • Other
  • Confrontation between Eran Zahavi and Maccabi Haifa players after the yellow team’s goal
Disappointed Sheriff Kiuf (Omari Stein)Disappointed Sheriff Kiuf (Omari Stein)
Maccabi Tel Aviv players celebrate (Omari Stein)Maccabi Tel Aviv players celebrate (Omari Stein)
Eran Zahavi celebrates (Omari Stein)Eran Zahavi celebrates (Omari Stein)
Eran Zahavi kicks the penalty (Omari Stein)Eran Zahavi kicks the penalty (Omari Stein)
  • ’27
  • Penalty goal
  • Gate! Maccabi Tel Aviv took the lead 0:1: the yellows take the lead contrary to the course of the game. Abdulai Sek tripped Eran Zahavi in ​​the box, the striker of the yellows took responsibility and scored the penalty with a kick to the middle
  • ’24
  • yellow card
  • Dor Peretz is the first yellow card in the competition. The Maccabi Tel Aviv midfielder tripped Jaber to prevent a breakaway and rightly saw the card drawn against him
Ofir Davidzadeh against Anan Halaili (Omari Stein)Ofir Davidzadeh against Anan Halaili (Omari Stein)
Franzi Piero (Radad Jabara)Franzi Piero (Radad Jabara)
  • ’17
  • acidification
  • This should have been the first! Anan Halaili bounced a great ball to Franzi Piero who was completely alone in the area, but the striker hit out
Ali Muhammad against Gabi Kanikowski (Radad Jabara)Ali Muhammad against Gabi Kanikowski (Radad Jabara)
Lorenzo Shimich kicks (Omari Stein)Lorenzo Shimich kicks (Omari Stein)
Raz Shlomo against Franzi Piero (Radad Jabara)Raz Shlomo against Franzi Piero (Radad Jabara)
  • ’15
  • acidification
  • First chance on the Tel Aviv side. Roy Rabivo tried his luck from a distance, Kioff had no difficulty in receiving the ball
  • ’13
  • acidification
  • The ball was lifted into the box after a corner kick, Lorenzo Šimić struck out
  • ’11
  • acidification
  • Mahmoud Jaber sent Dean David into the box, Roi Misfati came out great and managed to collect the ball just before it reaches the striker
Maccabi Haifa fans (Radad Jabara)Maccabi Haifa fans (Radad Jabara)
Maccabi Tel Aviv fans (Radad Jabara)Maccabi Tel Aviv fans (Radad Jabara)
  • ’5
  • acidification
  • The first chance of the game came from the green side. Dean David passed a cross to Lior Rafalov, but the latter hesitated instead of kicking with a touch and the yellow defense had time to come back to block the kick
  • ’1
  • Judge's decision
  • The match referee Roy Reinschreiber kicked off the match!
Anan Halaili (Omari Stein)Anan Halaili (Omari Stein)
Eran Zahavi (Omari Stein)Eran Zahavi (Omari Stein)
Mitch Goldhar (Omari Stein)Mitch Goldhar (Omari Stein)

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