1 to Maccabi Tel Aviv over Beitar

The outstanding actor

Dan Beaton, score: 7
Simple and smart game. When good things happened in Maccabi’s attack, many of them were thanks to him.

The disappointing player

Fred Friday, score: 4
The striker was not present in Beitar’s attack which fails to score goals

After the great victory against Olympiakos, Maccabi Tel Aviv hosted Beitar Jerusalem this evening (Sunday). Robbie Keane’s team managed to win 0:1 thanks to a goal by Dan Beaton on a penalty kick and thanks to the stumble of Maccabi Haifa, increased the gap at the top to five points.

The first half was particularly fast-paced, with both teams having several opportunities. Roi Mishfati on one side and Miguel Silva on the other side managed to make some saves. The decisive moment of the game happened right near the break, when Dor Turgeman scored a penalty. Dan Beaton approached the ball and gave the guest a 0:1 lead.

The high tempo calmed down a little in the second half and both teams did not often get into situations. Towards the end, Beitar tried to press the pedal in order to get an equaliser, and Myron George who came off the bench found the crossbar, but the result remained the same, 0:1 to Maccabi Tel Aviv, who marked an important ‘V’ for them and recorded a sixth victory in a row in all the frames.

Dan Beaton celebrates (Radad Jabara)Dan Beaton celebrates (Radad Jabara)

At Beitar, things are completely the opposite. Barak Itzhaki is still without a win on the lines of the team from the capital that finds itself in a streak of eight games without a win and tied on points with MS Ashdod below the red line. In the next round, the last of the regular season, Beitar will host Maccabi Petach Tikva while Maccabi will host Hapoel Haifa.

second half

Jerusalem Beit" players are disappointed at the end (Oren Ben Hakon)Beitar Jerusalem players are disappointed at the end (Oren Ben Hakon)
Maccabi Tel Aviv players celebrate at the end (Oren Ben Hakon)Maccabi Tel Aviv players celebrate at the end (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’90+6
  • Judge's decision
  • The referee whistled for the end! Maccabi Tel Aviv beat Beitar Jerusalem in a tie and increased the gap at the top
  • ’90+5
  • yellow card
  • Roy Rabivo with a dangerous slide committed a foul near the square, giving Beitar one last chance to equalize and received a yellow card
Myron George (Oren Ben Hakon)Myron George (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’90+3
  • acidification
  • How close it was to equality! Myron George kicked a tremendous ball on the turn straight to the crossbar of Mishpa
Maccabi Tel Aviv's invalid goal (Oren Ben Hakon)Maccabi Tel Aviv’s invalid goal (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’90+2
  • Judge's decision
  • Osher Davide scored the second goal for the Yellows from close range, but the linesman waved the flag and disallowed the goal
Barak Itzhaki (Oren Ben Hakon)Barak Itzhaki (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’88
  • spare
  • Jordan Shua also finished his part in the game. Li-on Mizrahi entered in his place
  • ’88
  • spare
  • Double substitution in Beitar: Ofir Kriaf replaced Adi Yona
  • ’87
  • acidification
  • An opportunity for yellow and black. Myron George managed to break free in the box and kicked herself, but the ball did not go into the frame
Henry Addo in the struggle (Radad Jabara)Henry Addo in the struggle (Radad Jabara)
Adi Yona Moser (Radad Jabara)Adi Yona Moser (Radad Jabara)
  • ’79
  • yellow card
  • Aden Kartsev also saw a yellow card drawn against him
Jordan Shua (Oren Ben Hakon)Jordan Shua (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’78
  • spare
  • Replacement also at Beitar Jerusalem: Friday made way for Myron George
  • ’78
  • spare
  • Eyal Golsa replaced Dor Peretz
Eran Zahavi goes to the grass (Radad Jabara)Eran Zahavi goes to the grass (Radad Jabara)
  • ’78
  • spare
  • Here he comes: Eran Zahavi came off the bench in Dor Turgeman’s place
Ido Shahar Retz (Radad Jabara)Ido Shahar Retz (Radad Jabara)
Robbie Keane (Radad Jabara)Robbie Keane (Radad Jabara)
  • ’70
  • spare
  • Gabi Kanikowski gave way to Henry Addo
  • ’70
  • spare
  • Robbie Keane made a double substitution in midfield: Aden Kartsev came in for Joris van Overeem
Zohar Zasno takes control of the ball (Radad Jabara)Zohar Zasno takes control of the ball (Radad Jabara)
  • ’69
  • acidification
  • A poorly cleared ball reached Zohar Zasno who kicked a touch, the ball went to the left of the goal
Dor Turgeman takes the head (Oren Ben Hakon)Dor Turgeman takes the head (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’65
  • Other
  • Dor Turgeman made a phenomenal move on the wing, elegantly breaking free from several defenders and sending a cross. Miguel Silva came out well and prevented Dan Bitton from pushing Maccabi’s second
Idan Nahmias commits a crime (Oren Ben Hakon)Idan Nahmias commits a crime (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’61
  • yellow card
  • Idan Nahmias is the first yellow card in the ranks of Maccabi Tel Aviv, after tripping Fred Friday from behind
  • ’57
  • spare
  • First substitution in Beitar: Timothy Mozzi replaced Nika Horchali. Will he bring the change?
Gabi Kanikovski vs. Zohar Zasno (Oren Ben Hakon)Gabi Kanikovski vs. Zohar Zasno (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’52
  • yellow card
  • Zohar Zasno also joined the list of Beitar’s Motzhavim
  • ’49
  • yellow card
  • Nika Khurkhali tried to press but committed a foul and saw the yellow card drawn against him
Dor Micah (Oren Ben Hakon)Dor Micah (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’46
  • spare
  • First substitution in the game: Felicio Milson finished his part, Usher Davida entered in his place

first half

  • ’45+1
  • yellow card
  • Uri Dahan received a yellow card for the foul during the match
Dan Biton celebrates (Oren Ben Hakon)Dan Biton celebrates (Oren Ben Hakon)
Beit" Jerusalem players are disappointed, Maccabi Tel Aviv are happy (Radad Jabara)Beitar Jerusalem players are disappointed, Maccabi Tel Aviv are happy (Radad Jabara)
Dan Beaton kicks the penalty (Oren Ben Hakon)Dan Beaton kicks the penalty (Oren Ben Hakon)
Uri Dahan fails Dor Turgeman (Oran Ben Hakon)Uri Dahan fails Dor Turgeman (Oran Ben Hakon)
  • ’45
  • Penalty goal
  • Gate! Maccabi Tel Aviv took the lead 0:1: Dor Turgeman was fouled in the box after a great individual move. Dan Beaton took responsibility and put the guest in the lead right near the break
  • ’36
  • yellow card
  • Yellow for Gregory Morozov too
  • ’36
  • yellow card
  • Flamen Glavov received the first yellow card of the game after tripping Beaton near the box
Beit"er Jerusalem fans (Radad Jabara)Beitar Jerusalem fans (Radad Jabara)
Maccabi Tel Aviv fans (Radad Jabara)Maccabi Tel Aviv fans (Radad Jabara)
  • ’26
  • acidification
  • The crazy pace continues. The guest went on an attack that ended with Dor Peretz in the center of the area, but the kick was in the middle and Silva had no difficulty stopping
  • ’23
  • acidification
  • Nika Khorkhali also tried to score from outside the box, but once again, Lippi was alert
Roi Mishpet Ozer (Oren Ben Hakon)Roi Mishpet Ozer (Oren Ben Hakon)
Adi Yona Buet (Oren Ben Hakon)Adi Yona Buet (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’17
  • acidification
  • Yona received a ball on the half-court line, raced forward without hesitation and kicked with his left foot outside the box. My lips caught the bullet
  • ’13
  • acidification
  • Jordan Shua took advantage of a hole in the Whites’ defense and raced alone towards the goal, but kicked out one on one. Beitar missed a great opportunity to surprise
Maccabi Tel Aviv players grab the head (Oren Ben Hakon)Maccabi Tel Aviv players grab the head (Oren Ben Hakon)
Idan Nahmias Nogach (Oren Ben Hakon)Idan Nahmias Nogach (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’12
  • acidification
  • Another wonderful save by Silva! Bitton picked up a ball that went over the entire defense and reached Idan Nahmias who hit from close range. The keeper was there again. Great pace Teddy
Felicio Milson (Oren Ben Hakon)Felicio Milson (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’9
  • acidification
  • Milson tried his luck with a kick outside the box. The ball went left and down, Silva headed for the corner
Roi Mishfati arrests Adi Yona (Radad Jabara)Roi Mishfati arrests Adi Yona (Radad Jabara)
  • ’6
  • acidification
  • First chance on Beitar’s side. Adi Yona found himself alone in front of Mishpet due to a defensive error, but the goalkeeper came out in an excellent manner and prevented a goal
Gabi Kanikovski (Oren Ben Hakon)Gabi Kanikovski (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’4
  • acidification
  • The first threat of the game came from the guest’s side. Kanikovski collected a corner kick in a wonderful manner and Mattan Balatxa shot from close range over the goal
  • ’1
  • Judge's decision
  • The referee of the game, Oral Greenfeld, started the match!
Barak Itzhaki and Ruby Keen (Radad Jabara)Barak Itzhaki and Ruby Keen (Radad Jabara)
Beit"er Jerusalem fans (Oren Ben Hakon)Beitar Jerusalem fans (Oren Ben Hakon)
The ceremony at the opening of the match (Oren Ben Hakon)The ceremony at the opening of the match (Oren Ben Hakon)

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