“21 karat surprise”… gold prices rose today, Sunday, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Today, Sunday, April 14, gold prices witnessed a noticeable increase in the last trading sessions, as global gold prices also witnessed noticeable fluctuations.

Gold prices rise today, Sunday

The price of an ounce of gold reached 8,979 riyals, a pound of gold reached 2,021 riyals, while the price of a kilo of gold reached 288,722 riyals.

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Also, the price of 24 karat gold was recorded at 288.72 riyals, while the price of 22 karat gold was about 264.66 riyals, and as for 21 karat gold, its price was recorded at about 252.64 riyals.

While the price of 18 karat was about 216.54 riyals, and the price of 14 karat was about 168.42 riyals.

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