3 injured in a drone explosion in the Galilee • Hezbollah: We hit the Iron Dome

Three were slightly injured by the explosion of the drones in the Beit Hillel area • IDF spokesman: they are investigating why the warning was not activated • Minutes after the two aircraft exploded – in Lebanon, a car of a senior member of the terrorist organization was attacked • Hezbollah claims: one of them hit the Iron Dome battery

Three people were slightly injured in the afternoon (Tuesday) in the explosion of two drones in the Beit Hillel area of ​​the Galilee.

No warnings were activated against the intrusion of the aircraft.

An IDF spokesperson said: “Two explosive drones crossed the territory of Lebanon towards the territory of Israel and exploded in the area of ​​Beit Hillel.” No alert was activated in the area, the incident is under investigation.”

Three fire teams from the Galilee-Golan regional station worked to extinguish a fire that broke out as a result of the fall of one of the UAVs and ignited a fire in an open area.

Hezbollah accepted responsibility for the launch of the UAVs and claimed that one of them allegedly hit the Iron Dome battery – but there is no verification of this claim.

In Lebanon it was reported that shortly after the explosion of the drones, Air Force aircraft attacked vehicles in the area of ​​Tzur.

Artillery strikes were also reported towards the al-Khyam area.

Lebanese media reported that a Hezbollah field commander with a significant role in the region was killed in the vehicle, but his name has not yet been released.

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