6,800 winners: this is how you will know if you have won an apartment at a discount

The Ministry of Construction and Housing began this morning (Mon) the process of sending the winning notices to the 6,816 eligible people who won in the 72 lotteries held last week. The sixth lottery in the “Discount Apartment” program closed for registration about two weeks ago and last week 72 lotteries were held in projects spread out in 16 localities throughout the country.

This is how you will know if you won an apartment at a discount

All those who registered for the lotteries will receive notifications today, with an update on whether they won, and at the same time, the results of the lottery registrations will be updated in the personal area of ​​the “Discount Apartment” website, as well as the location of the person who registered in the waiting list. The results of the raffles will be communicated to all registrants by text message and e-mail, a voice message will be sent to eligible devices, and you can also call the centers and be updated.

“Soon we will start with a new lottery”

At the same time, the director general of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Yehuda Morgenstern, announced: “Soon we will start with a new lottery and we will continue to work vigorously in close cooperation with all the factors to promote additional decisions and plans in order to respond to the demands arising from the territory.”

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