7 things you didn’t know about Eden Harel: There was a Buddhist nun who said no to Bennet

Today you know Eden Harel as a religious woman, a mother of six and a presenter on Channel 14, but once she was known as “the rock girl” and starred endlessly in the gossip sections. Long before she and her husband Oded Menashe repented and hosted the Bible quiz, Harel was a model, actress and successful TV host. Here are things you didn’t know about her.

1. Harel was born with the name Edva, her parents separated when she was only two years old and she lives with her mother and two brothers. At the age of 11, she already transferred to the “Hadisim” boarding school and in the 9th grade she left school and moved to Tel Aviv. When she was only 18 years old, she was accepted to be a presenter on the international television channel MTV and worked there for 6 years.

Eden Harel, 2004

Eden Harel, 2004 Photo: Moshe Shai, FLASH 90

2. After leaving the popular channel, Harel flew to India and lived for a year in a Tibetan monastery, where she lived as a Buddhist nun. She later said that this year was part of her spiritual search process, which later led to repentance.

3. Harel is 48 years old and has already hosted and presented 23 different programs, on television or radio, 7 of them together with her husband Oded Menashe.

4. She also met the same Menashe in one of them, when she interviewed him for the program “Exposed” on the E! channel. They revealed their relationship at the People of the Year ceremony when they kissed on stage.

Eden Harel, 2015

Eden Harel, 2015 Photo: Tomer Neuberg, FLASH 90

5. The conversion process of the two, who married as seculars in 2007 and their wedding was well covered in the gossip sections, began during the preparations for the wedding. The rabbi who married them, Rabbi Mordechai Sheinberger, connected the couple to Rabbi Yuval HaCohen Ashrov who became their rabbi.

6. In 2016, Eden and Oded were interviewed for Tzachi Kuma’s program on Channel 2. The program was supposed to be broadcast on Friday evening, and the couple who were in the process of conversion consulted their rabbi – who decided not to agree to broadcast the interview.

7. In 2015 Bennett offered her to join the “Jewish Home” list, and she refused. In an interview she gave to Mako that same year, she said: “I’ve never met him before, but it’s not something that landed on me, I thought he just wanted to consult with me, but when he suggested I join, I burst out laughing.”

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