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Today, the Theater of the Palace of Culture in Suwayda hosted in cooperation with the Department of Ecumenical Relations and Development and the Archbishopric of Antioch and the rest of the East. The Greek Orthodox, Social Welfare Center and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees organized a children’s choir on the occasion of the approaching Mother’s Day.

The ceremony included two activities, the first was a play for children with Down Syndrome talking about the suffering of mothers, in which several videos were presented. The first was a documentary video of the most beautiful moments that brought children together with their mothers in the Department of Ecumenical Relations, and the second was an explanatory video of the achievements of the Department of Ecumenical Relations for the years 2022 and 2023.

The second event included a singing concert that included sixty children who gathered for love in the Be You choir, presenting a group of songs that varied between popular, traditional, and patriotic, and the songs combined the old and the new in a nature filled with love and kindness.

The leader of the “Be You” choir, Sarah Ezzi, spoke to SANA’s correspondent by saying: The most important thing that distinguishes this concert is the presence of the children together in one singing group, and this is what gives renewal of life in the souls of their mothers, especially since the mothers are honored to sing with the voices of their children, and the children have succeeded. Today, despite the short period since the establishment of this choir, which does not exceed three months.

The ceremony included a large attendance, in addition to the presence of the children’s families. Some of them expressed their admiration for the songs that were presented that glorified the role of the mother and her greatness in life, considering that singing is the language of the soul, which gives value, a lesson, and a space for children to present a beautiful message. This event was like children honoring mothers. .

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