A great country, a main jackpot and Nebso: the guide to a perfect Israeli binge

Besides, in the app Network 13 There is a comedy channel on smart TVs that offers binge watching of favorite comedy series from a network over the years. The series that can be found on the channel: Friends, the 80s/90s, Unreversible, Yaniv, Vicky and I, Amamiot, Schwartz, My Haim, Melbi Express, La Pamelia, Life is not everything, Nebso, Zvi has a problem, Naor’s friends, that And this, TV from the future, Ahad Ha’am 1, Ahad Ha’am 101, the Israelis, the stand-ups, laughter from work, Kobe and Little, the settler, the embassy, ​​the joys, Chateau, a place for concern, the first years.

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In the 12+ app Of Keshet 12, series and full episodes are available as always to watch from Beit Keshet, including full seasons of Great Land, Sabry Marnan, Miller Junction, and Ramzor, along with full-length stand-up performances, alongside the subsidiary series of Great Land such as the Arzot HaKivd, the Mekapel, Shaoli and Irena and more .

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