A new home in the NBA: Avdia was traded to Portland

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Danny Avdia celebrates (Reuters)
Danny Avdia celebrates (Reuters)

A huge transfer in everything related to the Israeli scale. After four seasons in which he played for the Washington Wizards, Danny Avdia is changing teams. The Israeli forward moves from DC and now arrives at a new destination – the Portland Trailblazers.

The Israeli moved to a team from the West just before the NBA draft and he is coming to his second stop in the best league in the world after of course the Wizards. Washington will get Malcolm Brogdon, who will go the other way, as well as the 14th pick in tonight’s draft and another pick in 2029.

For quite some time now, Avdia has come up in the media discourse in the US as a player who may be traded, but quite a few sources have also said that he will end up staying in DC. In the end the Wizards chose to trade him and he will join a very young team in Portland.

Danny Abdia (Radad Jabara)Danny Abdia (Radad Jabara)

In addition, Portland gave up two second-round picks, which means that in total they gave up Brogdon, two second-round picks and two first-round picks. The Blazers gave the 14th pick, but they didn’t give the 7th and Danny will join a fairly young squad of Scott Henderson, DeAndre Ayton, Anfernie Simmons and eventually also Donovan Klingan, the young center who was selected with the number 7 pick.

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