A News 12 reporter shares: “Mom cleaned houses. I was ashamed of it”

Yolan Cohen (photo PR)

Yolan Cohen, a health and tourism reporter at News 12, was a guest on Erez Tal and Israel Ktorza’s show and revealed challenging moments in her childhood alongside her mother, who currently works in the defense system.

“She worked very hard. She cleaned houses, and I and all my sisters helped her,” Yolan shared. “She invested all this money in education and classes. I admit that at first I was ashamed of it, and today I’m proud of her. Come on, we’re a spoiled generation, we didn’t experience what they experienced, the entire generation that really founded Israel, it’s a generation that worked hard.”

About a week ago, Cohen’s name made headlines, after she was violently pushed by a policeman while covering one of the protest centers on King George Street in Tel Aviv. In an interview on Avery Gilad and Yair Sharki’s program, she said: “A policeman pushed us even though we identified ourselves as journalists, it was impossible to miss the microphone. The police lost their restraint and the border.”

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Among those who condemned Cohen’s attack was the head of the opposition, Yair Lapid, who said: “Another evening of the Israel Police losing their tempers. There is no reason for a police officer to act with such violence against any civilian. Certainly not against a female journalist on duty. All boundaries have been crossed, it cannot to continue like this.”

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