A professor from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has been suspended from the institution

The management of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem suspended Professor Nadira-Shalhoub-Kiborkian from her job after she published a blatant anti-Israel video in which she accused the state of the “extermination” of the Palestinian people.

The full letter published by the university reads: “Since the beginning of the war, Prof. Shilhov-Kivorkian has been speaking out in a disgraceful, anti-Zionist and inflammatory manner. Thus, at the beginning of the war, the lecturer signed a petition calling Israel’s actions in Gaza genocide, and an occupying entity since 1948. In response, the university administration sent an unusual letter In his letter on behalf of the president of the university, Prof. Asher Cohen and the rector, Prof. Tamir Shafer, it states that they are sorry that Shilhov-Kivorkian is part of the university and suggested that she consider leaving her position.

Shilhov-Kiborkian did not respond to the request, and continues to enjoy the reputation of our magnificent institution, while embarrassing us at the Israeli and international level. Her statements take freedom of expression and academic freedom to the extreme and use it cynically, to the point of incitement and incitement.

The Hebrew University is proud to be an Israeli, public and Zionist institution, and condemns with disgust Shilhov-Kiborkian’s shocking and outrageous statements. As in the past, the heads of the university repeat their call for Professor Shilhov-Kivorkian to find another academic home for herself, which is compatible with her positions. At this point and in order to maintain a safe climate on campus for the benefit of our students – the university has decided to suspend her from teaching,” the university said.

In response to the suspension of the inciting lecturer Kevorkian said the chairman of the Am Tertus movement, Matan Peleg: “Congratulations to the Hebrew University for suspending the inciting lecturer. We thank our thousands of supporters who sent thousands of letters overnight to the university administration to have her fired. Suspension is not enough. A despicable person like Kevorkian should be fired and you can’t be getting a salary at the taxpayer’s expense. We would have recommended her to move to a university in Gaza, but this university was destroyed, thank God, by the IDF. Maybe in Ramallah they are looking for inciting lecturers”

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