Abdullah Al-Ruwaished’s son explains the truth about his father’s deteriorating health condition

After the name of the Kuwaiti artist, Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, topped the social media platforms during the last hours, as many celebrities wished him recovery following the circulation of news about his deteriorating health condition, Khaled, the artist’s son, reassured the public about his father’s health.

Khaled wrote on “X”: “In denial of the news circulating regarding the health condition of the artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaished’s father, I would like to reassure everyone that his health condition is stable, praise be to God. The father is currently completing the treatment protocol from the best Kuwaiti doctors.”

He added: “Please be careful and pray for his speedy recovery. I ask God not to show you anything bad to do with anyone.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaished suffered a health problem in late February, and was transferred directly to Jaber Hospital in Kuwait.

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