After 20 years – a transformation: the elected mayor of Kiryat Gat: Kfir Suissa

After 20 years – a transformation in Kiryat Gat!

Kfir Suissa was elected this evening at the end of the vote counting in the second round of the 2024 elections, as the new mayor of the city of Kiryat Gat. The public chose change – and deposed Aviram Dehari after two decades.

Suissa promises changes in all areas of life, complete transparency and a much, much better life for the residents of Kiryat Gat in all parameters – in education, culture, leisure, sports and the quality of life of the residents.

Suissa pledged to listen to the needs of the public – and after winning the enthusiastic support of most of the public – the burden of proof falls on him.

A few moments before he voted he wrote:

This is a historic day. 20 years that we want to go out and have fun and we have nowhere. For 20 years we have been waiting for advanced and innovative education and there is no one to talk to. 20 years of criminal neglect in all areas of life in general and in the field of security in particular. 20 years of discrimination and division and a machine of hatred and revenge towards anyone who does not align with the system.
We are close to this historic moment when we will put an end to the outdated system and the continuous neglect and lead the change for the residents.

We conclude a long journey of a professional and focused campaign, in which I made sure to present to you my work plans in the fields of life, which I will implement upon assuming office. And most importantly – I made sure all along the way to maintain a clean and respectful conversation. Despite the campaign of hate and incitement against me and my family. We chose free love and a discourse of respect and I am proud of it.

Minister Miki Zohar was one of the first congratulators who came to celebrate the victory with Suissa. Watch:

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